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Post news RSS DevBlog 16 - Creating Console, Cheat System, and Gameplay Objectives

Adding gameplay objectives to the ships. Creating a in game console with imgui. And made a cheat system to easily add cheats via console commands.

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0:00 Carrier Ship Placement Intro
0:22 Types of Placements.
0:40 Destroying them and explosion effect
1:11 Fix Shield Effect With Vertex Shader
2:24 Cheat System

What's a game without something to do?
My ships can dogfight one another, but there was no real match progression.
I created some objectives that must be destroyed on the large carrier ships.
After destroying all the objectives, you can destroy the carrier ship.
So, it becomes a race to see which team can take down the other team's carrier ship.
Currently the objectives do not have any gameplay, other than being able to be destroyed.

sa vid 16 destroy obj

There's a gun turret, a generator, and a satellite.
In this update I also fixed some bugs with shield effects so that they better conform to the model.
Rather than scaling up a shield effect, which doesn't correctly wrap a model, I slide the shield effect's vertices based on the mesh normal. seems to have a much better look.
Though there are still issues with flat shaded models, that do not have smooth normals. (creates seams).
Probably the easiest way to fix that is use smooth normals and add in bevels at locations that to define sharp edges.

sa vid16 ship loaded with object

To test all of this, I needed a cheat system.
So I defined a way to create cheats in the engine and add your own to it.
The next update will be to add gameplay (like turrets shooting at you) to all of these.

sa vid 16 cheatcode

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