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Post news RSS Devblog #1 - Axis campaign completed!

Axis campaign development completed and details about it.

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War in Europe: 1940 is the sequel to War in Europe: 1939.

War in Europe: 1940 is inspired by the historical operations happened during 1940 in Europe and, same as WiE: 1939, WiE: 1940 have two campaigns(Axis and Allies) allowing you to fight in the conflict in both sides. Also, WiE: 1940 is only a single-player game inspired by classics FPS.

DEVBLOG #1 - Axis campaign completed!

Hello! Good news for the development of WiE: 1940, the axis campaign has been completed. The next step is the allied campaign and the game Will be done :)


The axis campaign have six missions inspired by historical events along Europe in the year 1940. Also, this campaign offer you three playable soldiers(including a German soldier).

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The axis campaign is characterized by difficult missions where you are alone. You have to make your way to complete numerous objectives(destroy tanks, take towns, defend some points...). Advance carefully and slowy along the missions, search in every point to find some health kits...

Grab 20191124120324 w1616h909 x2

Grab 20191124122115 w1616h909 x6

Grab 20191123143643 w1616h909 x

Grab 20190730202123 w1616h909 x7

Grab 20191124134147 w1920h1080 x

Grab 20191124133858 w1920h1080 x

Grab 20191124134041 w1920h1080 x

Grab 20191124134009 w1920h1080 x

Grab 20191124134246 w1920h1080 x

Grab 20191124134340 w1920h1080 x

That's all. Hope you like it. Unfortunately, the game won't be released in 2019. I hope to reléase the game during the Winter in 2020. Thank you!

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