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In this update I show off some of the movement and combat system, I talk about needing testers for the Prototype Build 0.01, and I explain what Prototype Build 0.01 is.

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Video update

Posted a new video with a quick update. It has little bit of what I've been working on with the movement and combat system. As you can see movement will be a large part of the game.

Abilities to unlock such as the double jump, wall running, and ledge climbing are to be implemented as well. The idea is to tailor the gameplay along with the story to the player's decisions. If the player wants an action FPS shooter, they can choose the skills to make that happen. Hack and slash RPG? TPS Shooter? Hardcore Parkour? That's the idea.

Tester (Prototype) Build 0.1:

As you might expect bugs are rampant and I'm constantly revising code and fiddling with fiddlies. Being such a large game with many strings, arrays, sub-levels, blueprints, and the fact it is only me currently, i need to stay on top bugs and work out A LOT of kinks before filling the world with it's vaguely predetermined content.

That's where a tester comes in, I could use some people with some free time who'd spend some time trying the outcomes of the prototype build. Outcomes being the the limited interactions/quests you can do.

The build will contain the map in it's entirety, though only two cities and one settlement will be available in a rough draft form. You'll be able to interact and affect 3 different factions/communities. I'm planning only the necessary NPCs for the quests, only 15 needed so far. It's more than you think. The idea is to play through the quests and attempt all possible outcomes, make enemies, make friends.

The idea is to see where the problem areas are, big complaints, suggestions even.

More info and another update video soon!

If you have any questions, want to join the team, or just want to follow progress, join the now existent Discord.

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