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Post news RSS Dev Update 6: 2 New Enemy Types

This update we take a look at two new types of enemies in development for BHB: the mobile egg sac, and the swarmer.

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Hey guys, new video update! This week we look at two new enemy types in development, the mobile egg sac, and the swarmer. Both are currently using placeholder models, but they're fully functional and bring some new dynamics to the gameplay.

Mobile Egg Sac:
The mobile egg sac is an explosive creature, similar to the regular explosive egg creature. When it explodes, it releases a number of smaller creatures. Unlike its predecessor however, it explodes when touched, so it is recommended you destroy it from a safe distance. The explosion of a mobile egg sac can also send other enemies flying into the air, so be wary of where you destroy them.

Swarmers are small and fast. Individually they don't pose much of a threat as they have fairly low health. But they can be quite dangerous when attacking in large numbers. Weapons such as the demolition grenades and flamethrower are highly recommended when dealing with swarmers.

Both of these enemy types are just two of about 20 in development so keep an eye out for more sneak peeks in the future!

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