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Post news RSS New Dawn: Dev Log (IndieDB) #1

Hey all! So today I'll be going over what's been accomplished so far and what's still to come!

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~Basic Generation and Collision~
This game will not be procedural generated. The reason being that random gen leads to some strange formations and or non-logical formations. The entire world of New Dawn is going to be hand crafted. As such, I'm using Greedy meshing to handle collisions in New Dawn. Also, for those of you wondering: You'll be able to walk up 1 block high obstacles. Anything other than that and you'll have to jump or climb up it.

~Jumping & Climbing~

Jumping and climbing are in game. Jumping now has a slick animation as well.


I can now create basic items. Be it equipment, weapons, potions & salves, or quest items, they're all easy to create now.


I've made a fully functional inventory that displays your items, allows you to drag your items, or equip your items. Equipped items will all show up in game.

!Anything past this point is up next on my list!


Right now I'm working on basic combat. It should be ready to show off within the month.

~Basic Enemy Ai~

This will include attacking the player, chasing the player, and being killed.

Anyways, that's all for today. Look forward to more info on the game in the days/weeks to come!

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