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In this Issue of our Dev Log, we talked about server tests, outfit variant system, in game achievements, new tutorials, privacy settings, XBOX Final and Gamescom.

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👩🏻‍💻‍ Server Testing
We've recently invited some players and content creators for a small-scale test, and have fixed the bugs found during the testing period. Additionally, we've conducted a round of stress testing on the servers, simulating the game situation with hundreds of thousands of players. This stress test will be repeated twice more in August. Before the game launch in September, we will invite tens of thousands of players for a few days of online testing. Detailed information about the sign-up process will be announced in August.

🦄 Costume Color System
We've added the updated outfit variant system to the game, you will be able to choose different color schemes for certain characters and outfits. Now, who wouldn't love a pink Underbite?

🏆 Achievement System
There are about 100 achievements in game. Some achievements require players to show off their skills, such as winning a quick match in the fighter jet map without fighting; while others reflect your sportsmanship, like fighting on the final podium and win.

🚧 Tutorial Level Remake
Our designers are remaking the tutorial levels. The new tutorial will have three independent levels, each level will be twice or even longer than the original. The new tutorial may not be immediately available at game launch, but it will be updated to the game within the first 3 months after launch.

👤 Privacy Protection System
We've added a new privacy protection system to the game. Players can now choose to block chat, player names, lobby names, and friend invitations, etc.

Party Animals just passed the Final Certification on XBOX! The game will be launched on the XBOX platform on September 20th on time.

🗺 Chinajoy and Gamescom
Party Animals will be going to Chinajoy, and we will also join the XBOX team at Gamescom in Germany, where we will showcase some new maps. We look forward to your participation and valuable feedbacks.

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