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In this issue of our Dev Log, we talked about animal outfits, animal voices and some hiring info.

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The game is pretty much in the final stages of development, and our main task now is to fix bugs, optimize performance, and modify some content to comply with national policies and regulations.

This phase is a bit longer than we expected, so this will be the last Dev Log for a while.

Subsequent Dev Logs will be posted around the time of release: there's not much more to reveal about the game! And we want to still leave some content and some surprises for players to explore after launch.


In addition to polishing the game and fixing bugs, the development team is also working on the animals voices. This work is more fun than we thought it would be. The voice actors not only need to act out the types of animals, but also need to reflect the corresponding personalities without any lines.


In addition to the base skin for each animal character, you can also unlock additional outfits through level rewards, item shop, Battle Passes, and achievements.

These outfits do not change the actual stats or moves of the animals, but only make them look more badass.

Characters from the Community

Remember in Dev Log 01 when we picked out two very fierce looking animals: Shark and Samurai Nemo?

Now we've taken those concepts and turned them into reality:

If you'd like to submit your own concept as well, you can join our Discord community at Discord.com


As we move towards the end of development, we have started to expand our QA and operations teams.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions: Black-box QA Tester, Security QA Engineer, Game Operations Team Lead, and Console Port Development Engineer.

If you are interested in joining team Party Animals, please submit your resume to us at Careers@recreate.games


Q: @sttttttop: If you are not release the game yet, how about some merch first[Cry][Cry]

A: Look what this is!

Q: TARDID: Played the trial version of the game (sry). The game looks really good, just want to say that this QE turning camera feels weird and the turning speed is too slow. If you have time, it is best to change a little [flowers][flowers][flowers][flowers].

A: With keyboard and mouse, you can use QE to turn the camera, or press the mouse middle to rotate the screen. You can also enable camera follow, so that your cursor movement will always control the camera rotation. Top-down view games usually do not encourage cursor-controlled rotation, as it is more likely to cause dizziness.

Q: Is it possible to add unique skills based on the characteristics of each animal?

A: Working on it. But ummmm ...... you guys still want the game released as soon as possible, right?

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