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The work on the next update continues apace, so we'd like to share the details of the upcoming "Survival" mode with you.

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Greetings, Pilgrims!

The work on the next update continues apace, so we'd like to share the details of the upcoming "Survival" mode with you.

It is going to be PvPvE mode where the players will side with one of the Orders and lead it to victory by participating in various activities, such as hunting deadly bosses. These challenges take place after the events of the campaign.

The players will be able to tackle the harsh trials both on public and private servers. The settings will be customizable so that you can set up more comfortable gaming conditions, like fully disabling PvP if you so choose. A single server will be able to support up to 50 people simultaneously.

The world will be significantly expanded. There will be many more islands than in the campaign, and they will be randomly shuffled, to create unique situations: may have to carefully build logistical chains between islands to acquire the necessary resources.

Right now the Orders have different fortresses, stories, and goals, but the testing may bring out the need for additional changes.

In addition to dangerous monsters and harsh weather conditions, the world will be struck by cataclysms - the periodic events that bring deadly cold. There are terrifying creatures stirring among the snow, daring champions to come and lay claim to the useful loot.

The goal of this mode is to help your Order and its allies achieve their aims and receive legendary items in return. We are also discussing the possibility of introducing an optional wipe for those who want to periodically change the balance of power on servers, allowing to retain only a fraction of the players' progress.

The work on the campaign mode also continues. We’d like to dedicate more time to its development, so we can think everything through and deliver the most exciting experience, so we bring you the first screenshots of the new islands for now.

This was just the beginning. There are many things that we are working on, and next time, we will tell you about the changes to the combat system and what we learned from the alpha test.

Sincerely, the Frozen Flame Development Team.

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