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Our latest Tick Tock thread reveiled our new Developer's Commentary about Lakehouse (almost 8 minutes!), MT vision screenshot, a lot of renders of our Neutralization Objective with an animation, an explanation of the music in the Lakehouse Teaser and an announcement about a triple-A Hollywood Animator helping our team.

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The past two weeks were about releasing a lot of new assets. A short message about each of them follows:

Neutralization Objective

The first thing we released after approximately 1.5-2 months of silence were a lot of renders of our Neutralization Objective. These computers are the Spies' ultimate goal for achieving victory. An animation of it folding up, after being hacked, has been added to the Video-section.

Textual Information and Announcement

Not every release needs to be multimedia so Theodore W, our Music Composer, wrote up some of the musical thoughts that have gone into the two music-elements as heard in the Lakehouse Teaser (the background music and the logo sequence).

Another type of announcement was that some of our artists joined up with a well-known Hollywood Animator, known from AAA-movies like The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions and more, in exchange for animations to our Spy Character. This deal ensures us to get you, the player, the best experience possible.

Motion Tracking Vision screenshot

An update to the previous Motion Tracking screenshot, this screenshot shows the latest version of Motion Tracking. MT has been upgraded to include not only the speed, but also the distance to the object in it's visual representation. A new graphical style makes it clearer to spot moving Spies.

Lakehouse Developers Commentary

In our longest video released yet, Lead Level Designer Zedblade takes a long tour showing off the various rooms and routes in Lakehouse. Basically a must-see, but make sure you've got enough time, because it lasts for 7:51 minutes!


Cool news. Moore Dev vids plz :D

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