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No new updates but I will include some more info of what will be featured in the game. I will hopefully be uploading a new video update soon perhaps in the next 4-5 days maybe a little more. The new update would include details and more specifics about the game and will probably reveal a map.

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-There will be more than at least 15 guns to use and these will range from a glock to a grenade launcher and perhaps a ray gun.
- Different types of enemies, not just the FBI or little groups of the Government but will include people from other places, no specific places right now.
- There for sure will be leaderboards but as of right now I am not sure about making it global leaderboards. It will be more like the pinball leaderboards (the super old pinball game on windows) which is just local leaderboards.
-An intense main menu and pause menu
- Have some pretty decent AI. The weapons on an AI would depend on who they work for. For instance if it was an FBI AI he would have an m16 and some others will have riot shields. Other AI would have different type of weapons and some will have RPGs and yes you the character will be able to pick up enemy dropped weapons.
- Pretty big but decent maps
- Map names relate to their climates and environments.
Blizzard-This name relates to the fact that you are on top of a mountain resort while a blizzard has hit and the enemies had decided to attack then.
The Park-The park is the first place where your character has decided to reside and hide at since it was deserted and he had recently caused destruction in the city. This is the smallest of the maps.
The village-A small little fishing village near the town where you have recently caused destruction and gained The Knowledge. This is the biggest map which will feature lots of little hidden places to go to and find a few weapon stashes.
- In each map there will be a secret place that holds a very good weapon. Each map will have a different type of weapon and this weapon will be very limited on ammo, also when you find this secret place you will also find ammo for other weapons but not ammo for the dominating weapon.
This is all I have for now, please stay tuned for more info and video updates. Also please note this is a game that's just meant for fun and challenges, so yes there may be a fish that you could kill with or a guitar.

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