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The early Delphi layout vs. the new still in development level design.

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Like last week, typing takes time. So, what better way to show you the week’s progress than directly showing it?

I’ll explain the video, otherwise this would be too much laziness.
In the first part, you will see original level. Sebastian didn’t implement any specific layout. Just threw some elements to test different enemy behaviours. You will see that it is short, and that you can complete it in like four minutes.

The second part of the video, shows how the actual layout of the city will be. And some unfinished things too.
Also, all the enemies are still placeholders.

ParsedGames - - 12 comments

awesome concept, looks like a blast to play!

the only thing that's a little annoying is the constant "yay"'s. It might be cool if that were replaced with something more ambient that would grow in size as your group expands

any scheduled release date set?

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CoffeePower Author
CoffeePower - - 45 comments

I agree. the yay sound is a placeholder. We thought it was funny at the time. We think that each type of unit will have a unique sound to give more feedback about what you are grabbing.

For the release date, we are thinking in 2014. But we want to have a playable demo with the first two levels by mid october.

Again, thanks for the feedback. It's really appreciated

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Kuznetsovsky - - 284 comments

It looks like the kind of game that will get me hooked up for some time to the computer. Nice work!

It'd be awesome to watch the same playthrough with all finished animations ^^

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TheAughts - - 25 comments

Doesn't really feel like I'm inciting a mob if I need to go up to and shake each individual's hand in order to bring them along. Will there be an expanded recruiting radius as the mob gets bigger, to simulate sweeping people up into your group?

Other than that, can't wait to play the demo!

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CoffeePower Author
CoffeePower - - 45 comments

Oh.. That was an everlasting discussion around here. In the current version, each philosopher can append people to the mob. So, if you have a lot of philosophers, gathering people it's a lot more easy. We are planning on adding some high five animation to make it more funny.

Also, there are some heroes that increment the radius for each philosopher.

Thanks for the comment! we love the feedback!

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Haize - - 226 comments

Amazing! there is still work to do but this is really awesome really loved that mortal cat rain ;) can't wait to see the complete level. Keep up the great work guys :)

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