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For this week's update, we will take a look at our progress on the modelling of the playable character and the blockout of the candy store, the game space of our levels, along with an early look of our prototype!

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Hello Everyone!

This is our 4th weekly Delicious Devlog, updated every Tuesday!

Today, we present to you our progress on the modelling of the playable character and blockout of the level, along with an early look of our prototype!

To start off, we have begun working on our model of the playable character, Jenna! We decided to go with this version, as we felt we might be able to give it more personality and fit our view for the game better. These are still really early textures, so expect some changes!



We worked on the model and added the hands and shoes!

3dmodel1 1

Note that these are still early models, so they will most likely be altered and optimized as development continues! We might even include player customization later down the line, so keep an eye on that!


Level Blockout

As you might have seen in our previous Delicious Devlog (click the link to check it out!), we have made some concepts of our layout for the candy store. Following those layouts, we have made an early blockout of our game, as you can see here.


We're opting by using the second candy dispenser idea from the layout concepts, the ramp! Using it is fairly easy, just push the lever next to it and the candy shall fall!

We might try using the pipe idea, depending how it'll work. We're playing with room sizes, and furniture placement, to give you players not only space for the items to pile up, but also to allow you to organize yourself using the tables and shelves at your disposal! Keep an eye out for that fridge over there, it might be useful for a specific item or two...

Prototype Blockout

We have also started working on the prototype of our game, starting by building the blockout of the first level. For now, this is using a simple version of the level, later we'll use a more up to date blockout, including the special rooms.

Level Blockout Unreal

In our prototype, we have put the camera following the player in an isometric view and, although it still requires some changes to get to our desired functionality, we have also added the ability to Grab objects!

We plan to make the grab function work with both gamepad and mouse, and with some added features to help you manage this wacky candy store!


And that's a wrap!

With this, we end our Delicious Devlog for today! We hope you enjoy our progress!

Join us for next Tuesday to know more about what we're working on, and let us know your opinions and suggestions, we'd love to hear you!

Also follow us on Twitter for more updates: Secret Coin Studio's Twitter

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See you next week! - Secret Coin Studios

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