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Lately, we were working on events database and code, so we didn’t have much to show. Now we are back :) In today’s devlog - war and conquest!

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Lately, we’ve been working on events database and code, so we didn’t have much to show. Now we are back :)

In today’s devlog - war and conquest!

War declaration, AI’s attacks of the player, and wars between the AI kingdoms.

The map screen in Be the Ruler is not just for show. From there, you can try to conquer your neighbor’s province, or you can send spies to other countries. This is how the conquest looks like right now:

One successful attack can get you one province. During the battle, you use your prestige and resource points to make your army more effective. You should do this carefully because if you lose the fight, you lose all the points used. And these points are crucial for you to stay on the throne.

Consequences of lost battles depend on various factors. You can, for example, lose your prestige, lose a province to the Vikings, or your subjects in the area can convert to Norse faith.

More prestige from Noblemen

Burned monastery

Aside from the map, opportunities to declare wars present themselves also within story events. If, for example, your brother - who was plotting against you - flees to another kingdom, you have a pretty good reason to go there after him.

You need to be aware of your neighbors and your status as a king. If you are an aggressive conqueror, other kings can ally against you and attack your borders.

Each of the English dark ages ruler tried to be the King of Kings, the Bretwalda. You need to be aware of your enemies’ strength - AI countries develop and grow their states too.

Development summary

  • Over 710 events and decisions to make
  • The battle system + tutorial + after battle animations
  • The game's ability to generate NPC characters
  • Random NPC appearance generator, with animations
  • Marriages
  • Royal children
  • Prestige/resources balancing system
  • Traits system
  • NPCs kings and royal families
  • AI
  • Conquer
  • Categorization of players according to their style of play
  • Death animations
  • Graphics tied to the consequences of your decisions

Next time, we will show you how we create procedurally generated stories.

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