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We are updating everything under the sun trying to get Abatron ready for playtests. That includes UI designs! Take a look at what we've been playing around with and let us know what you think.

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The last few weeks have been a sprint to get in as many new usable components as we could for online testing. Our focus has been player transport and experience. Mainly, a player will be able to get into a game, play the game, and exit the game seamlessly.

As developers, we tend to hurry up and proto-type things which are only dev friendly. After getting a new set of eyes, we have made several changes:

All Game UI Update Complete

Announcer System Updated

Audio System Updated

New Chat System

Instructor System Updated

Read more about these changes in our blog here.


It's so easy to get lost in all the different ways you can design even the simplest of interfaces. And it's even harder when you have such a talented artist giving you nothing but gold. How do you choose!? Well, maybe you all can help us with that. Here's a sample of the "Defeat" screens that you might see while in the game. Which do you think is the best?

abatron menu defeat 3

abatron menu defeat 2

abatron menu defeat 1

We've also got a couple ideas getting tossed around for when you die in game. This shows you who killed you. Do you think we should include some other info as well? Perhaps that players stats?

abatron deathsquare

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

We Need Your Input!

In our next newsletter, we will be sending out a playtest schedule survey to all of our subscribers to determine when all you alpha testers can get together to play a few rounds. Since we do not have any bots in the game yet, you will need at least one other person to play with. And we want to make sure nobody is waiting around for somebody to join.

Remember! If you want to be apart of this playtest, you MUST subscribe to the newsletter. If you haven't yet, you may do so by clicking below. Hope to hear from you soon!

banner alphatester 1


I replied to the survey, and I was wondering if it could be possible to add some times that are actually not in the nighttime for european players. If I recall correctly, the survey only had times that are decent for americans, and those times were during the night for european followers. I think that other europeans could agree with me if you would add some time-options for us, so we can play too.
I've been looking forward to try this game out, but unfortunately, I can't really play during the night...

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Abatron Author

Hi JoJoDeath, thanks so much for participating in the survey! We did receive a few comments regarding the time slots, so we have since added additional options for our european players. While people are unable to re-submit the survey, we are receiving enough data to determine good playtest times that should work for you and other non American players. Thanks again!

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