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A diary for my custom story Dark case and my progress with it so far

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- Progress
- Story line
- Vacation
- Testers

- Monsters

The story is getting closer to the end! I am currently working on what will
be the second last "area" of the story. With area I mean a map with
several rooms. It may be diffrent themes on them, but they are connected
to each others, and the area I'm working on right now is 75% complete.

I'm trying to make the story.. you know.. not way too obvious, but I think it will be pretty obvious after half the story, although there are actually quite many characters involved including some classic "hero vs villain" scenes and several maps to explore so I hope the story will be intresting to the end even if the biggest mystery will be solved half way through as I mentioned.

How long will it take to finish? I still can't answer that I'm afraid. I will be on vacation
whole next week so it will take longer than I expected and I'm very bad at telling how long it will take exactly since I work on stories for fun, not as a job.

I will need testers soon I think. It will, as I said, take some time untill it's done, but if you are intrested, leave a comment and I will see if you are qualified to be a tester.

If you saw my first "news", you know I've made up some names and abilitys
for the monsters I will use in my story. I will keep most of them I
mentioned but some of them are either changed a little or new onces

All of them has negative and positive effects and will
spawn at different locations. In other words, there will be several kind
of monsters and all of them diffrent in their own ways wich will pretty
much force the player to not only proceed with caution, but also figure
out how to "defeat" each one of them, since none of them are the same.

still remains and is confirmed to be the weakest enemie in the story
but does have a naughty ability to take you by surprise.

is the same. Completely silent and hard to spot although he is deaf and
it's easy to avoid him if you know where he is. Don't sneak by too near
him though, he can sense you from a pretty far distance.

"Striker" is also the same. The strongest monster in the story but can be avoided thanks to all the sounds he is making.

"Infecter" Is pretty easy to spot and only delivers
low/medium damage but does have an annoying ability to not let go of
his target. Once he finds you, you better leave the area and find a good
hiding spot really quick because he won't let go of you that easily.

The newest and most likely the last enemie I will add. Due to his
ability to speak, it's unkown if he is dead or alive. It's making him
easy to spot, although he is the opposite of the Assasinator and
sneaking away from him must be done in the most silent way possible, as
he can hear even the
sound at a medium distance. Not too hard to run away from him if he
doesn't hear you in time, but if he does, excpect a medium damage from

G-H-O-S-T - - 117 comments

Those enemies sound awesome! Good luck!

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CheesyDeveloper Author
CheesyDeveloper - - 1,554 comments

Thanks! The models are not mine so I take no credits for that. But the "abilitys" is my idea.
I like the grunt but he is way too overused in my opinion so other kind of monsters, and all of them with diffrent ways to kill you, sounds like a nice idea to me ;)

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