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Le diary of the progress with my story "Dark Case"

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I've done alot of things since last time I made a diary entry.

- More maps finished
- Added some side quests
- Bonus chests
- Last voice actor

As I might have said in earlier posts, this story will contain both big maps and smaller maps. I recently finished one small and one big map and a second small map is in progress. I will soon start working on the last areas of the story. The last section will be a big one so it will take quite some time, but I've come far in the story.

I added some side quests. You don't have to do the side quests, but you will be rewarded with a higher sanity and a "bonuskey" you can use to unlock bonus chests that I will scatter around the story. They will include some useful items like oil, lightbulbs, aidkits and other things you might need on your adventure so doing the side quests is a good thing. You will ofcourse find those items even if you don't do the side quests, but it will be harder to survive and your oil is more limited. I might also add a couple of keys lying around the maps, but they will be pretty hard to find.

Most of the voice acting is already done, but it's still one guy left that will do a few lines.

That's all I had for this time. I might upload a picture or two pretty soon, have a nice day everybody!

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