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Welcome CyberThreat's newest member to the team, a new writer, who will help with the story, dialogue and more!

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It feels like it was just yesterday when CyberThreat's 2020 Gameplay trailer dropped, since so much has been happening behind the scenes since then!
(PS: If you haven't seen the trailer yet, check it out!)

Development so far...

CyberThreat has been developed mainly as a solo project since its inception. This includes the programming, 3D modelling, texturing, writing and more, with only artwork and music being outsourced. CyberThreat has been lucky to have incredible talent contributing on a case by case basis, including amazing artists such as Rosuuri, Ozkh, Zxpfer and Rimuu. As well as that, the game features incredible voice actors, such as Xanthe Huynh (Persona 5, Fire Emblem Three Houses), Michael Kovach (Hazbin Hotel) and more! And to top it all off, multi-platinum record producer Varien lent her talents to the soundtrack, complimenting Strayfe's already excellent tunes.

Adlai Contact Up - Rosuuri's Artwork

The big news...

But now, the team grows bigger, with a substantial addition in the form of a new writer... Reece Bridger! Reece is a talented writer and voice actor, who has worked on BulletVille, Grand Guilds and more! He has big ideas and plans for CyberThreat, and I'm excited to work with him to bring them to life. CyberThreat will see an overall big improvement now, with even more creative ideas and excellent writing.

You can check out his personal website here.

The tease...

In Reece's announcement tweet, he alluded to having played a demo of CyberThreat... While the game is still buggy and many aspects are unfinished, I hope to improve it and get it out there in a playable state before too long. So stay tuned for more updates regarding that!


Thanks as always for reading, exciting things to come in the future for CyberThreat! I hope you'll continue to follow along on CyberThreat's journey to completion!


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