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Devblog 11 - The Black Grimoire: Cursebreaker Early Access Release Plans.

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Greetings medieval adventurers!

Thanks again for all the feedback from all of you who participated in the latest playtest, a good number of bugs were spotted and reported by all of you and the overall generic feedback about the game has also been very welcome. We closed this round of playtest sign ups by 21st November, so if you're looking to play now but missed this chance, we're afraid you'll have to wait for the next one.

Steam Next Fest and Early Access release plans:
Moving forward, we are set to appear with a demo in Steam Next Fest running next February between 6th - 13th. The demo will be a shorter showcase of the game, a lot restricted compared to the previous playtests. However, once we've gone over the feedback from Next Fest, we're aiming to release the game in Early Access as soon as possible afterwards in late February or early March. We'll announce the specific date probably around the time for Next Fest.

Why Early Access?

Cursebreaker is a large open world game that requires thorough testing, balancing and bugfixing.
As we're developing with a small indie team, early access allows us to better receive feedback on such issues from a variety of players with different perspectives. This will also help us in considering different playstyles as we balance the game, making necessary changes to turn the gaming experience as smooth as possible for the official release.

What we're aiming to offer players in the early access release is a full mainstory questline, the areas and character progression associated with it, with some additional sidequest stories.

Over the course of the Early Access we'll work to regularly update the game with new side content, fixing bugs and fleshing out features where need be, culminating in a final official release update, which will most likely be announced some time over the course of the next year.

We're obviously really excited to get our game out there, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us.
Huge thanks to all of you who've been sticking with us and following the game thus far! If you want to chat us up for any reason, feel free to do so on our discord server: link down below.

As usual, feel free to follow us on twitter, where we post progress updates and behind the scenes content regularly.

Stay tuned, happy gaming and happy new year!


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