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You might have noticed that it's been pretty dead lately. It's because development has been on hold for the last weeks. Here's what's been up in the past month.

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You might have noticed that it's been pretty dead lately. It's because development has been on hold for the last weeks.

Let me explain myself. I'm currently working on some other projects for clients and investors that need a big push from my end to get up on feet. That's what I'm working on right now.

Don't get me wrong though, ideas have been rushing through my brain for the last month and I've been noting them all. More the idea will mature, the more good the result will be. This time helped me decide on critical mechanics for the game which is great.

Now what's up for this summer?

My plan is to rush on the projects that help me live and then go back to my normal development weekly schedule, development updates and vision articles. (I miss those! Feels like years!)

So expect a rush of updates by the end of summer!

What about the September estimated released date?

Keeping this release date would be unrealistic. The idea is like a rough gem, it needs more to it, it needs depth and personality and this takes time to build. Building toys and demos is all good and fun but building a relationship between you and the characters are another thing.

So to be fair, I'd like to remove that release date and replace it with the so boring "when it's ready".

What about next Alpha?

You can see the current progress on the Roadmap, As of today we're 37% done with it. There might be lots of change when I get back working on it, since I've been having so much epic ideas for the game: lots of changes to come!

I know I've been talking about lots of surprises, those still exists and are in the works (talking about ideas that needed more maturity hehe ;-)

Where can we read more about you and what you are working on?

I've switched my old personal tbergeron.com page to my Medium account, so I'm now publishing weekly articles on video games, technologies, development and more. It's a quite interesting platform that I have the pleasure to test, so please check it out at medium.com/@tommybergeron

Also don't forget to follow me on Twitter, where I usually rant about random things, you can easily reach me there and finally it's always fun to share stuff and opinions on the IGS forums!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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