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Post news RSS Cull Update 12/2016: New AI, Combat, Buildings

Creating unique AI to make combat more challenging and interesting!

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A lot of work done creating different AI Enemies! There is going to be quite a few typical "zombie" characters that will be easy to kill individually, although in large numbers they can be quite dangerous. Some will crawl, some will walk, and some can even run.

However, we really want to have AI that will stand out and challenge the player as well. We are developing these "possessed" undead creatures that will be able to use weapons, move extremely quickly, and instantly move short distances to avoid being shot.

These AI will chase the player for long distances, and often times will force the player to either avoid alerting them or run back to the car and to try and escape. The key to this game is to survive 3 days and 3 nights, fighting your way through every situation will get you killed before dark

We also show some of the new buildings we added to the game, all of which are made from source photos of abandoned homes found in rural New England or Detroit.

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