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Three new dinosaur species, .700 double rifle, AI improvements ... Find out what's included in this major update!

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

Cretaceous update is now available! We thank you for your patience and wish you find the long list of improvements pleasing :) Thank you for all the feedback we’ve gotten and we’d like to know what you think of the update!

Reworked dinosaur AI with new behaviours

Dinosaur AI has been reworked and it has made these improvements possible. In the future the new AI system will make it easier to do further improvements.

Carnivores fighting each other
If two carnivores end up in the same territory they might start fighting each other in order to defend their territory.


Pteranodon rework
Pteranodon now fly in more irregular flight paths making hitting them a lot harder. If a player hits them while they are charging they will abandon the attack.

Compsognathus and Utahraptors hide
Both Compsognathus and Utahraptors may hide and commence a surprise attack on the player.

New animations & behaviour for carnivores taking down herbivores
Animations have been improved for carnivores that hunt herbivores. Carnivores may eat the herbivores' carcasses.

Three new dinosaurs: Carnotaurus, Gallimimus and Pachycephalosaurus

Three new dinosaurs from the cretaceous period join the game!

Carnotaurus is a large carnivorous dinosaur that’s both fast and deadly. Instead of using just their teeth they might ram the player using their horned heads. You might encounter more than just one of them at the same time!


This ostrich-like herbivorous dinosaur likes to move in herds and it’s likely you’ll spot many of them at once. Once they are running from danger they are fast and challenging to hit.


Pachy is a small and agile herbivorous dinosaur with a uniquely thick skull roof. This gives it the ability to knock down players using it’s powerful head.


New weapon: .700 double rifle

The new double rifle is the most powerful weapon in the game. It is a little different from other weapons as you can fire two barrels rapidly with great force but you have to reload every two shots. It has iron sights. It has its own ammo type.


Dinosaur ragdolls

All dinosaurs now have ragdolls. It means they now react in a more dynamic way when they die. They tumble down cliffs more naturally.


Dinosaur hit reactions

When a dinosaur is hit it will react based on how badly it was hit. If a player scores a great hit it will slow down the dinosaur giving the player much needed time to secure more shots in.

Environment updates

  • Rock formations have been added
  • New scenery items have been added
  • All bushes and undergrowth have been color adjusted
  • Many textures have been adjusted and redone
  • Some really steep hills in the eastern part of the island were removed and the land there rebuilt



Hunt score & leaderboard

  • Each killed dinosaur will provide a hunting score
  • Different parameters will affect the score and the player gets to see those by hovering the score
  • There are also trophy score categories for each score: None, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond
  • The trophy screen also shows more clearly the different shots the dinosaur was hit with.
  • New leaderboards were added for scores. All dinosaurs have their own leaderboards.



Story items

Almost 20 story items have been added. They are part of two different storylines. Story items will show in your compass once you’re near them. There will be some reference points with each item making it easier to spot them.


Storage area

Storage area is a new vendor at special locations where you’ll be able to store extra equipment that wouldn’t fit your inventory. You are able to access the same storage area content in each special location.


Contract improvements

  • Once you’ve activated a contract you will spot an orange circle in your map. This circle indicates Preton Corporation giving the hunter data of the wanted dinosaur's location. The circle location is updated from time to time based on dinosaur movement.
  • Unsubmitted contracts are no longer lost if player quits without submitting them


Shotgun pellet shot

To differentiate the shotgun from other weapons we have created a new ammo type for it. The ammo was changed from slug (single projectile like rest of the weapons) to buckshot. One buckshot will contain five smaller pellets that will slightly spread. All ammo you have for a shotgun will instantly change from slug to buckshot type. From the hit information screen you’ll be able to see how many pellets of each shotgun shot hit their target and which organs the pellets hit.


Mod support

Mod support works now with a configuration file where you can set properties for guns (damage, kick, bullet speed etc.), spawn limits for dinosaurs and properties for dinosaurs. You can activate a mod in the game menu. Please note that when you’re playing a mod it doesn’t give you experience etc. because the mod will be played in offline mode. For now mods are only supported in solo play,


Inventory & shop improvements

  • You can now equip & swap weapons with drag & drop
  • In the shop you’ll see how many items you already have in inventory and storage box.


UI improvements

  • Player gets notification when a new location has been selected to compass in map view
  • A guiding text has been added to fast travel usage view

Weapon improvements

  • Tranquilizer rifle is now better animated in hand
  • All bullets travel faster to target for more response gun gameplay
  • Damage fall off adjusted for guns. Long shots now won’t have too reduced damage
  • New gun and ammo icons
  • Added gun spread when shooting from hip
  • Gun animation update when holding breath

Other improvements

  • Dinosaurs now have new distant call sounds that can be heard even further away than before
  • Dinosaurs have gender which is displayed in the trophy screen
  • Dinosaurs turn their heads
  • Loot box content was buffed
  • The new environment is now faster loaded in fast travel
  • Head bob while player is running
  • More player respawn points
  • More dinosaur spawn points
  • No more weird looking red wood trees
  • Gameplay settings are now same in in-game menu and main menu
  • Server logic updates for more consistent inventory management
  • Added Finnish language support
  • Controller support improvement
  • Adjusted dinosaur sizes
  • Toggle crouch is now on by default
  • Added EULA

Bug fixes

  • Fixed game crashing if you tranquilized Pteranodon
  • Fixed inventory drop in the cave.
  • Stash bug fixed
  • Some dinosaurs had smaller render distances. This has been fixed.
  • Player can’t scope during reloading anymore

Thank you and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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