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tweaking stealth systems and agonising over the final bits.

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we are working on completing last minute bug hunts and cleanup.

The second environment since we last updated has undergone a somewhat drastic revision.
here are some screens from the same.

A bulk of our recent work has centered around the design and implementation of an interface to the sneak mode. An interface that does not detract from the first person experience, while providing the stream of ancillary data that a stealth game requires.

we did contemplate, not articulating, the awareness state of the character being sneaked upon. or not overtly suggesting the same. But the foggy condition when a player is uncertain about detection, made sneaking rather imprecise.

this distinction in character states is, at the moment, rather simply crafted. The characters go from detecting the player's presence. to being suspicious ( and therefore more alert ) to finally being unaware of the player's presence.

over subsequent builds we will add, greater complexity to the ai, making sneak harder, with variations in the character’s behavior during each state. for example, upon becoming suspicious a character’s range of vision will be extended, and the character will become susceptible to the slightest noise. moreover once detected a character will permanently be aware of your presence in that environment, unless some dialogue convinces the character otherwise.

Feel free to share you opinions and criticisms and if you like our work do follow us on our Tumblog or Twitter

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