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For the E3, we ported a first playable build of CLARK for the OUYA console. With controller input and TV resolution!

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Last week was a real race! For OUYA's E3 presentation we wanted not only our promo video to be ready (take a look below), but also to have a smoothly playable OUYA build, showing as much of our game as bug-free as possible. For that, Matthias sat down coding for several days (and nights), his glaring headphones clearly indicating the "do not disturb!!!1" mode he went into. When he presented the resulting OUYA port with working controller input, everybody agreed that the dark circles around his eyes were well worth it: playing CLARK on a big TV screen with a controller is as intuitive and as beautiful as it gets. It just feels fantastic.
If you haven't seen our almost-professional OUYA promotion video where we talk a bit about the development process of the game, make sure not to miss out on it:

Today, the OUYA is lauching their OUYA Park in front of the E3. We are excited to see the first videos and responses on that!

Xylemon - - 2,677 comments

I'm excited to get Clark on my Android! I'll let my friend who's getting the OUYA know about this release.

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GoldenTricycle Author
GoldenTricycle - - 14 comments

Great! :) It's not availlable yet, but we plan to release a demo to download from the OUYA store soon!

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JamesCoote - - 4 comments

Looks pretty sweet! I know it sounds like a generic, empty comment, but I actually can't wait to play it on my OUYA.

Have you posted up the video at ouyaforum.com and on reddit.com/r/ouya yet? I think this is something pretty cool that the OUYA community would enjoy seeing and talking about

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GoldenTricycle Author
GoldenTricycle - - 14 comments

Hey, thanks!!
No, we haven't posted it around a lot yet. I think it's due tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Shouldn't it be Warhead-Ache ;)?

In my opinion Clark is a perfect fit for the Ouya. It's one of the most promising titles on Unity and I wish you all the best!

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GoldenTricycle Author
GoldenTricycle - - 14 comments

Thanks a bunch, mate! It's good to hear such encouraging comments. :)
About the warheadache: i don't know. it depends if you focus on the warhead or the headache, i guess. I'll check with jens ;)

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