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Fishing, skills affects collection and crafting, improved gameplay progression and more.

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Hi Guys,

After a few months of a development hiatus, i am back to the normal development schedule, so expect one or two updates per month, from now on.

For this update, if your saves are under 1.60, is recommended to start a new game!

What’s new?


civitatem ingame70

You can now build a Fishery and receive a steady amount of food any season, but it relies a lot on the skill of your Fishermen, so assign the ones with the highest skills.

Each Fishery can have up to 7 spots in total, but it’s based on where you place the building, so look for the fishing spot tool tip to get the maximum spots.


civitatem ingame31

Skills are much more important now, beside reducing the time to complete a job, or if successful (fishing), now on certain ranges, they can provide you with double resources. For example a villager with a forest skill of 50, has 50% to get double wood (4 instead of 2) when chopping a tree, and 100% chance to get double at 100 skill.

Beside the bonuses, the skills have now different colors on the inspect window and villagers list, for a faster recognition: 50 or more Blue, 100 Green.

village elder creation

3) Map is 25% bigger and Villagers now move 30% faster.

4) Added an Event Window which gives you some details on events, or warnings in certain situations.

5) Tweaked the food values, events, jobs timers to give you a more challenging gameplay.

6) Added user folder in My Documents/My Games/Civitatem which now is used for Cloud saving on Steam and storing saves, and certain user options.

7) Added more tool tips, and nutrition info for Barn Icons.

8) Fixed a tons of bugs including:

– font size+ option and edge scroll didnt work properly
– edge scroll speed scales with the current camera depth
– fixed a few bugs related to Villagers List.
– fixed – a bug where you couldnt select/click villagers close to the status UI on the left.
– fixed – on close vlist – vlist top down icon remains tagged.
– fixed – some speed related bugs on low health for villagers
– fixed a sound bug with building sound not taking in consideration the volume in some cases.

civitatem ingame221

civitatem ingame63

civitatem ingame71


Thanks. Update it

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