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Hey guys, JordanGoMakBro here! I'm here to tell you that one of the worlds of Chomper's Adventure 2 is now complete! Check out the post to see more information.

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Hey guys, JordanGoMakBro here! I'm the only developer working on all these games that I have planned for you guys, including Chomper's Adventure 2! I would just like to say that World 2 of Chomper's Adventure 2 is now complete! In case you didn't know, I already finished World 1! So, let me show you some screenshots.

World 2:

The hub world of World 2! The first level of World 2.

Chomper with a Friendnado and a Badnado. But which one is which? The boss of World 2. Wait, how did Mouseigor get wings? Uh-oh...

Also, other than World 2, I also started working on World 3! Here's what I like to call, Dogenstein's Sneaky Little Peek! This is new to my posts, so let me explain. Dogenstein's Sneaky Little Peeks are basically sneak peeks, but with Dogenstein's name and main saying slapped on to them! If you don't know who Dogenstein is, basically he's one of the main characters of the Chomper Chomp franchise, in which the Chomper's Adventure franchise is a part of. So, I hope you enjoy Dogenstein's Sneaky Little Peek of the World 3 Hub World!

Dogenstein's Sneaky Little Peek:

The World 3 hub world, which is still in development.

Yep, it's a snow world! And you might even get a little reference if you talk to Dogenstein at his Save Point in this Hub World dedicated to a certain skeleton with a love for puns. Of course I can't say his name directly, otherwise I probably would get sued or something.

Well anyway, I better keep working! See you all later!

- JordanGoMakBro

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