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Join Chomper Chomp and the rest of his friends on an amazing adventure! A spiritual sequel to the original chomper's Adventure, but only with a new storyline, new gameplay, and new features! Here's a list of all the new stuff added to the game!
New Storyline!

  • Dialogue!
  • Save Points!
  • New Hub Worlds!
  • New Characters!
  • New Levels!
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Hey guys, JordanGoMakBro here! Today I have great news! I'm about half-way finished with the game! I hope you guys are excited! Anyway, I have some development screenshots to show you guys today! Here we go!

World 3:

Part of the completed World 3 Hub World. Wait, how did Chomper get up there? Hmmm... looks like a puzzle level to me!

Ice Spikes? Uh-oh, you had better watch yourself Chomper! Wait, this is just a clone of the World 1 Boss, right?... OH NO, ICE CRYSTALS!!! RUUUNNN!!!

And now, the day's Dogenstein's Sneaky Little Peek! This one is... the World 4 Hub World! Hope you enjoy! :D

The unfinished World 4 Hub World.

Well, that's it! See you guys in the next post!

- JordanGoMakBro

Chomper's Adventure 2 Development Update: World 2 finished!

Chomper's Adventure 2 Development Update: World 2 finished!


Hey guys, JordanGoMakBro here! I'm here to tell you that one of the worlds of Chomper's Adventure 2 is now complete! Check out the post to see more information...

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