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A complete list of changes since Alpha Release. Check in to see what has changed over the course of development.

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As we receive your feedback and make changes we will be updating the game and letting you know just what we did.

== The Challenge Update ==

Version 2.0

- Added a new Challenge mode that can be accessed by starting a new game
- Put an e-mail sign up for updates on the main menu
- New game name and icon on the main menu
- Split up the loading when the game starts
- Added a new Parrot Pirate James
- Made it so the leaderboard is shown, even if you don't login
- Added some social media buttons on the main menu
- Stopped launchers from shooting before the game starts
- Now saves the last skin you used, not just the last one you unlocked

- Made controller support a bit better, left and right menus can now be accessed through it
- Fixed a problem where jumping at a spinner blade while it was at 90 degrees stopped a jump
- Fixed a bug where pausing and un-pausing before the game began gave you a negitive timer
- Fixed pausing on the main menu causing the game to sometimes stop
- Fixed a problem where certan screen resolutions would overlap buttons
- Fixed a weird issue where scores were being improperly saved
- Various changes in level generation
- How it spawns enemies next to other traps
- Where launchers spawn
- Cleaned up and made some spawning more efficient

== The Login Update ==

Version 1.9.2

- Added a login system so that the leaderboard can track and show scores from around the world!
- Make sure to remember your password and username as this system is new
- The remember me option will auto log you in if you hit "login" on the main menu
- Added a few normal maps to improve graphics and changed a few colors to make things more vibrant
- Added a loading screen in the beginning in case people have slower machines
- Changed the name of a goal from what type it is to "New Task" so you know it's a goal to complete
- Changed a few icon graphics to better represent the button

- Plenty of fixes to the generation system including:
- Rocks no longer have the chance of blocking the player fully
- More traps are generated per chunk
- Less chance for Chasey enemies to spawn close to the player start
- Better pathing detection



  • Added Randomly Generated Levels into the game of varying difficulty and scope
  • Levels will be automatically generated at the start of the game and fed into the map list
  • Hitting the New Game button after a death will generate a new batch of levels
  • Levels will consist of a possible 2 to 4 enemy types in 4 different types of settings
  • Added Tramp the Penguin as an unlockable character, 150 coins to unlock
  • Changed Scotty's pose
  • Made a few small fixes to pre-made levels
  • Decreased the coin spawn rate a little bit
  • Added a small screen shake when both you and enemies are hit so you can tell when it happens
  • Changed the way difficulty of level is selected, toned it down just a little bi


  • Made it so dirt does not generate on the edge were a Flipper Panel spawns
  • Increased FPS by not loading in logs and bullets that were too far out of screen space
  • Various world spawning fixes
  • Fixed the level timer not starting until you were fully loaded in
  • Fixed a bug where the score for level 1 would keep stacking on itself
  • Fixed a bug where bullets would teleport through rocks that were too close to them

Version 1.9.13:


  • Added a new time score to each level
  • Added a toggleable timer so you can see your time
  • Added a Leaderboard with some temporary scores that will rank you
  • Informed the player when a new best time has been achieved on the top of the screen


  • Removed gamejolt login because it was causing issues with other plugins
  • Made the statistics screen hold the leaderboard, as before it didn’t do much
  • Altered the way the difficulty sorts the levels slightly, making it repeat levels later on - less often


  • Fixed a bug where buying a skin wouldn’t save between loading
  • Fixed an issue where the newsletter button would crash the game
  • Optimized a few functions as I saw fit
  • Fixed a bug where logs would sometimes not spawn early enough when a level loaded
  • Made a few level updates where a log would bounce the player out of bounds
  • Fixed a bug where if you died 20 spaces away from the next level, it would load the next level instead

Version 1.9:


  • Added an intro level for new players to get used to control
  • Added goal system that gives the player optional tasks to complete that give you coins
  • Added a new Squirrel Skin
  • Changed around the high-score screen UI
  • Moved Tips and Facts into pop-ups that are in the new UI
  • Added a few new animations to characters
  • Made it so players no longer instantly die when a log pushes them into a rock
  • Made a small flashing around important buttons so players know to click on them
  • Made many small changes to a few levels to make them easier or harder depending on the level
  • Improved the way levels are generated for the player to decrease lag while loading
  • Moved over to a new saving system to keep track of progress


  • Fixed a few bugs with jumping onto logs and off of them
  • Fixed a bug where you could float above water if you were near a spinner blade and died
  • Slightly altered the physics of the character
  • Fixed a bug where the new squirrel character wouldn't unlock
  • Various small fixes to jumping

Version 1.8.16:


  • New skin to unlock
  • New GameJolt Login Screen
  • Added a link to our newsletter in the main menu
  • Added gift coins to beating the first level


  • Levels are now randomized by difficulty instead of looping, so it is now endless
  • Made skins unlock by completing objectives
  • Revamped some of the UI elements so players could find things easier
  • The Pause menu restart now gives you a whole new grouping of levels
  • Made some physics adjustments for when the player dies


  • Crocs will get stuck next to each other less often
  • Made the tape on the ground where you die adhere to the grid of the world
  • Optimized plenty of textures that led to faster load times and more FPS
  • Fixed a bug where flipper panels would de-sync and flip opposite each other
  • Fixed several loading issues when dying right after generating another level chunk
  • Halted movement on the first second of the game so you don't move and activate a menu
  • Several small performance and graphical bug fixes

Version 1.8.0:


  • Added a new Skin and an unlockable screen to access it
  • New sound effects added for the new skin
  • New Day-night cycle as the player travels through the world
  • Added environmental effects that can be called when they need to be
  • Added GameJolt API with achievements and saved data
  • Added several new achievements


  • Made the death tape off-white instead of blue so it can be easier to see at night
  • Moved the unlock for the hard mode into the unlock screen
  • Made various little color tweaks like making the grass brighter, metal shiny, and shadows dimmer
  • Adjusted the size of some fonts so they are easier to read
  • Changed the blue shade of nighttime so it's easier to see
  • Added a small edge around the dirt on corners so the world feels a little more colorful


  • Fixed the pause menu not being able to come up on the main menu screen
  • Fixed a bug with achievements sometimes crashing the game
  • Fixed a bug where the high score screen would hide forever

Version 1.7.17 (alpha)


  • Added PC build to be downloadable
  • Added a flag to repesent where the level ends and the next level begins
  • Added a small tape cross where you died last
  • Reimplimented the loading bar in the beginning with HTML


  • Optimized various assets and loading times to decrease on lag spikes
  • Optimized the way levels loaded in by reusing old assets
  • Fixed the hard mode tmer not decreasing when moving to a spot you have been before
    • Thanks to Dan!
  • Altered a few textures to be easier to load
  • Fixed a bug where if you jumped off

Version 1.7.14b (alpha)


  • Added some more screenshots to the media section
  • Pre-loaded some assets to help with lag spikes
  • Deleted some unneeded assets to knock a few MB off the file size
  • Replaced the spikes on the flipper panel
  • Made the shoot animation a little more noticeable by moving it back farther


  • Fixed the resolution issue (previous Gamejolt settings were at 700 x 500)
  • Optimized level loading a bit to decrease the lag spike of loading the next map segment
  • Fixed a bug where light-colored logs were not marked as movable
  • Optimized a few things here and there to run better such as enemy movement, firing projectiles, spawning things
  • Several small changes to how the player works, like getting rid of the WebGL at the bottom of the screen
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