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Finally had some time to continue the development.

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It looks like, I'll have enough free time to keep this game in development. It was quite hard to find where I left the source code, so it took some time to get back to it.

So for warm up I fixed a few bugs, and improved performance, and after I felt home again, I added a few new features.

First of all, I created a new main menu screen which will probably be easier to use with mobile phones:

new main menu

Here you can check your cars and their stats, also you can see your "Evolution points".

Automatic races are the ones where you can only controll the camera, the cars are racing with an AI driving them, if you want to controll your cars you have to play a "Manual Race".

If you go to the Car Creator menu, you can let your cars bang each other to make new, (hopefully) better cars.

car creator

In the screenshot above you can see how cars are made, if a new portion of baby cars are created you can only choose one to keep. To make the decision a little bit easier, you can take them to a test track:

test track

Here you can see that Baby 3 just kicked everyones butt, so probably it is a good idea to save that one.

In the new version, the AI has been improved a lot, so from now on it'll create new cars for every race you take, so you'll have to make continous improvements on your cars if you want to stand a chance, also the driving AI has been improved so it'll try to balance based on the "handling abilities" of the car.


Here is a little gameplay video, sorry for the poor quality:


Hi, that's an original concept ! A nice way to use those studies knowledge that could be never use otherwise :).

Regarding the video: the cut are not very nice, it's quite hurt, I mean I get almost headache with them. For the names, you may considering stacking them below instead of printing them at the same height. This can also be used as quick ranking display (top name = 1st, name below = 2nd, and so on).

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motax Author

I know, I cry everytime when I see this video, but I was too lazy to record and re-cut a new one, sorry.. :D

Thanks for the ideas, the UI/HUD is really just a placeholder at the racing scene, and the "quick ranking display" sounds much more logical for sure.

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