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The 2.0 update of Cardbot! But this one is minor too, 2.5 will be a major update.

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Well hello guys.

This is Cardbot 2.0, the...uh..update? I did implement some more game-play so lets Chex it out!

output zrIaLi

All of the new stuff is after the 1.5 version. This is another new area...



Because everybody loves cannons right? yes

After the CANNONS, you'll get to this cut-scene:


I dunno.

Yep, the first boss. He has simple AI but he deals 8 damage to you.

think about it.


Beat em' up!

When you beat the Monitor Raptor, cut-scene 2.0 appears...


he sho did sucka

And then, credits.

But I forgot to say " The music is made by my friend, Terrhenry2145 and his brother HqTheGoat!"

Anyway, that's all for now. Be sure to download below!

-Mr. Pixit

©2016 Pixit Software

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