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Final assets of the buildings and characteristic elements of the city and the level design.

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Hello IndieDB comunity!

Here we present the assets of the main buildings of the game and other elements of the environment that give life to the city and we will also use them in the level design.

Image 1: Asset of the Chacaito theater.

Image 2: "Teatro Broadway" in Chacaito.

We have already put the image of the broadway theater on more than one occasion as one of the most relevant buildings of the time in this part of the city and finally here we have the appearance that said building will have in the game, at least for now.

Image 3: Metro station asset.

Image 4: Chacaito Shopping Center asset.

Image 5: Chacaito Shopping Center and Metro station.

The Chacaito Shopping Center and the metro stations are also two iconic images of the city that have finally taken shape in our game. It should be noted that the only reference image that we have been able to find is clearly recent and not from 1989, which is a shame, but fortunately these buildings have remained intact for the last few decades if we remove some marks left by poor maintenance.

Image 6: Bus stop asset.

The bus stops are naturally an iconic aspect of the city and are part of the history of "El Caracazo" at some point.

Image 7: Barricades assets.

Image 8: Cement sacks assets.

Some elements that help give a little more "life" to the city of "El Caracazo" and that we will also use as a pushable item for puzzles in the case of sacks or to delimit certain areas and levels in the case of barricades.

Buildings and elements of the city are still in work and some elements of these that we present can be improved, so this is our current state and we will continue publishing our progress.

We hope u enjoy our today's article, see you soon!

Have a nice week and stay safe!


Burning Crusaders Studio

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