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Our second public progress update for CYS (CanYouSurvive).

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Hello all, This is Etendo from EpicToast Interactive, I will be giving you guys a update for this game page.

First of all we have a brand new "heart and soul" for our game, it basicly just lets us as developers know what the basic premise of the game is.

Heart And Soul: Can You Survive is not about killing as many enemies as you can to score points, or leveling up your character to unlock new skills. Can you survive is about taking what the game throws at your party and making sure that your party exits the level safe and sound… you play as life, and so your mission is to protect three survivors that wish to cling to you dearly, if they die you lose. Can you Survive does have a turn based combat system, but it is not designed to be RPG like at all, the combat system can either be fast paced and easy, or heart wrenchingly slow and difficult, it all depends how you play and what choices you make. Therefor one combat session can last from 20 seconds to a full minute. We chose a turn based system to add suspense, something that we cannot achieve through free hack and slash combat. Can You Survive will not hold your hand, if it did there would be no point at all… if the developers themselves don't have trouble winning at this game (especially figro)... we have not done our job correctly. Can You Survive is not a challenging game, its a freaking hard game! Weapons can either be extremely weak or extremely overpowered based on how rare they are… oh, and the enemies are brutal… have fun!

Figro (our splen-diffarus artist) also added some new art stuffs, including but not limited too...

* Three 2D Viewmodels so you can see what items your characters have equipped.
* Walking animations for all three Viewmodels
* A basic High school level
* Three character windows displaying characters health, name, and facial portfolio
* Blockades designed to limit openworld movement of player.
* “Basic Zombie Enemy” Graphics and animations
* “Environmental Fire Entity” Graphics and animations* Main menu graphics* Pause menu graphics and animations
* Movement Engine * Extremely Basic AI(the ai follows you and looks at you...) * A Basic Combat System(turn based)

Napen (our wonderful code typist) added the following...
* Movement Engine
* Extremely Basic AI(the ai follows you and looks at you...)
* A Basic Combat System(turnbased)

Heres some eye candies so that this page is more interesting....



I bet your wondering something like "why does the character have three arms....?" , the answer to that question is that it doesnt, like I said in the heart and soul, as the player you control three different characters in a party... why Figro decided to portray that with three arms in a first person perspective, the world may never know... But I like it, it makes it look interesting... kinda catches your eye....

We don't know for sure who the three characters will be yet, but here are some of our thoughts.
* Erwin the anime geek (Brains)

*Oswald the underpaid janitor (UNDECIDED)

*Trevin the lacrosse captain (Brute):

They are each going to have their own portfolios next to their health, and they may or may not say things...

We are looking forward to your questions and comments, All of us here at Epictoast are really excited about the future for the development of CanYouSurvive, be sure to visit our game page here Indiedb.com

Thanks guys and have a awesome rest of your day, ....or night if your nocturnal.

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