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Can You Survive is not about killing as many enemies as you can to score points, or leveling up your character to unlock new skills. Can you survive is about taking what the game throws at your party and making sure that your party exits the level safe and sound… you play as life, and so your mission is to protect three survivors that wish to cling to you dearly, if they die you lose. Can you Survive does have a turn based combat system, Can You Survive will not hold your hand, if it did there would be no point at all… if the developers themselves don't have trouble winning at this game (especially figro)... we have not done our job correctly. Can You Survive is not a challenging game, its a freaking hard game! Weapons can either be extremely weak or extremely overpowered based on how rare they are… oh, and the enemies are brutal… have fun!

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Can You Survive Alpha 1.7.1


Can You Survive Update 0.7.1

Hello everyone, and thank you for checking out more exciting CanYouSurvive news, Figro here, and i'm about to tell you about our newest alpha release of CYS. Yes, this release brings many new features to the table as well as gets rid of ones that were universally hated!

You can get it here-



First off, thank you for all of the support you have given us so far, such as all of the playtesters that took time out of their day to tell us what was wrong with our last build... Thanks to them we knew exactly what to fix to make your experience that much more enjoyable.

New Features

Now your probably wondering "Hey figro... whats different about THIS build compared to the last one???" Well to answer your question Jimmy, we added new content, fixed lots of pesky bugs, and added cried a little in the process! "But figro, why does my character have three hands?" ... Well, to answer your question Jimy... THERE ARE THREE DIFFERENT CHARACTERS.... NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM!!!

* Colorful hit animations for zombie sprites

* A new wonderful soundtrack, courtesy of Tim Nilsson!

* An easteregg! No... i'm not telling you what it is... that kills the point Jimmy...

* Balanced the combat

* Zombies now drop bananas occasionally.... I mean keys....

* Used containers turn red

* Zombies are faster, and more abundant

* Options to set turn speed

* New GUI buttons for all screens

* Credits in the pause menu... No Jimmy, your not in the credits...

* New containers

* New projectiles

* Changed fog color to be less obnoxious

* Added chuck the duck

Bug Fixes

* Main menu is now shown

* Zombies are no longer impossible to kill

* Fixed body glitching through walls

* Fixed camera glitching through walls

* Fixed zombies glitching through walls

* Fixed bad music

* I'm sure I forgot something

Thesis Statement

Anyways, I hope you guys like it, and as always, remember to let us know if you find any bugs, have any suggestions, questions, comments, oceanic views, envelopes, or whatever else you might have for us! Also, follow us on twitter for daily updates on CYS's development.... I mean... if your into that sort of thing... NO JIMMY, your not allowed on the internet anymore, not after the "incident".... *shivers*


CYS- Alpha 0.6.1 release!

CYS- Alpha 0.6.1 release!


We surface from the dank hot depths of game development to bring you another exciting alpha build for our current project CanYouSurvive! Yes... the one...

Buggy Demo Released!

Buggy Demo Released!


We finally decided to release a demo of CYS! The reason we released this version is so that we can get some feedback and suggestions from you guys!

CanYouSurvive is almost Beta!!!

CanYouSurvive is almost Beta!!!

News 1 comment

Its been a tough development process, especially with only a single artist and programmer, but its all downhill from here.

"Can You Survive" progress

"Can You Survive" progress


Our second public progress update for CYS (CanYouSurvive).

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CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.8.3

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.8.3

Demo 1 comment

A little teaser release showcasing new fog, a new random encounter system, and lots of placeholders... Other tweaks include *Nerfed zombies. *Increased...

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.7.1

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.7.1


Get ready for another awesome Alpha release, this large update added many new features and fixed a lot of bugs! And yes... I know the picture says 1.7.1...

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.6.1

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.6.1


We surface from the dank hot depths of game development to bring you another super spectabulishious alpha build for our current project CanYouSurvive...

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.4

CanYouSurvive Alpha 0.4


We decided to release the game so far because we thought that the best thing for its development right now is some feedback from actual gamers.


what engine is this being developed?

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Figro Creator


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Nice game,very cool amazing grapichs styles

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Figro Creator

Thanks, we appreciate it!

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Adding diologue

Aug 29 2014

Almost ready for another release...Its been a long time...

Aug 24 2014

Gonna add some more randomosity to the encounter system.

Aug 5 2014

It seems like every time we try to add something new, it breaks 5 other things :/

Aug 5 2014

Not much to twitt about today...

Aug 3 2014

Fixing the GUI resolution glitch tomorrow.

Aug 1 2014

2 followers!!! Half life 2 confirmed!!!

Jul 31 2014

We're going to try out "random encounters" ,no Jimmy I've never heard of Pokemon...

Jul 30 2014

Hehe... we FINNALY have punching animations!

Jul 28 2014

13 tweets!!! HL3 Confirmed!!!!!!

Jul 28 2014

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