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Visit our brand new website to get a feel of the game, plus get all the information, know the developers, subscribe to the newsletter, download the press kit, download wallpapers or send us an email.

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This is our first post. We are Martelo Nero Team, creators of our first game Tower of Samsara.

Tower of Samsara is an adventure pixel art platform game that represents an adventure which the player will seek spiritual ascent. The in-game “kopper” is not a character, its an avatar representing the player; The game mixes a lot of lores and concepts, mainly from buddhism, the solar system, and philosophy.

As the wheel of life, that spins indefinetely, will be the challenges that take the player through the planets of the solar system, collecting good karma, until reach of nirvana.

The game has a unique spatial-medieval aesthetics, and will feature collaboration between players – you can share a haiku with players on the same map. The game lore will include a lot of philosofical ideology, such as platonism and stoicism. The gamestarts with the Plato's allegory of the cave – you need to get out of the cave to see further.

I'm happy to annouce the game now has an official website:
Tower of Samsara Website

(No spam, no ads)

There you can find:

  • A feel of how the game will look, sound and some in-game features (HTML5)
  • Free HD Wallpaper
  • Subscribe to our NewsLetter
  • Download the PressKit
  • Know More about game details and awards
  • Know About the Developers

ps. Its better to access via a desktop computer so all features are enabled.

You can have a quick peek on how the game looks on our quick teaser (<30s):

We just finished implementing dynamic pixel art illumination so our next teaser may have this awesome visual feature enabled.

The basic mechanics ready and now we will be focusing on developing more ambients and enemies, so we may launch our kickstarter campaign around May 2016. We are also looking for skilled composers to createsoundtracks for the game, if you think you have the proper skill, please be sure to send us a message.

Yours Truly,

Team Martelo Nero

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