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Every once in a while, you notice that the screenshots and trailer for your game suddenly looks a little dated compared to what you have in the latest build :) So I've spent some time grabbing new screenshots, cutting a new trailer, updating our Steam page and of course, updating our IndieDB page.

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Ending 2020 with a new trailer

Before getting into the ".plan" and general update on our progress, I am very pleased to invite you to watch our brand new gameplay trailer:

General update and plan

ROGUE SHIFT is very nearly "feature complete". This is a great position to be in. What's missing is content - more enemies, more guns, more game world, more Perks, and so on.

As we continue to push forward steadily with development, we will soon reach a fork in the road.

We will have to choose between going down the KickStarter route or alternatively, going straight to Early Access on Steam. Our decision will be based on some simple stats: our KickStarter pre-launch follower number, vs. our Steam Wishlist number. We will see how these numbers progress throughout January before making a decision.

Either way, the purpose of taking the next step is to help aid in funding the project so we can see it to completion more quickly.

Here are the relevant links:

KickStarter pre-launch page

Steam Store page


And as always, I will leave you with a selection of fresh new screenshots. We’ve recently done a lot of work to make the environments more visually detailed, atmospheric and colourful.

Have a great new year and chat soon!

Rogue Shift screenshot 1

Rogue Shift screenshot 2

Rogue Shift screenshot 3

Rogue Shift screenshot 4

Rogue Shift screenshot 5

Rogue Shift screenshot 6

Rogue Shift screenshot 7

Rogue Shift screenshot 8

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