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Have been in the dark due to hard work on boring things!

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Hello ClimbersI've been working on boring stuff for a while now, BUT I have a lot to show for it now, and the boring is almost completely done.

What I've Been Up To

  • Controller support
  • Redone main menu, with level select!
  • Level select shows high scores for each level
  • Redone stats summary at end of level, with broken record diffs
  • Fully functional options menu, that can be accessed while playing as well
  • Saving / Loading with multiple levels
  • New in-game HUD - now with crystals + scans, including total possible in the level
  • Bunch of bug fixes

Gameplay Video

As you can see, I've been very busy. And with a lot of this out of the way, soon I can focus on the fun stuff - designing the main campaign!

Stay tuned for more

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