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Lorn's Lure is an atmospheric narrative first-person platformer with novel climbing mechanics and modernized retro 3D graphics.

Leaving his home colony while tracking a mysterious glitch, an android finds himself in the midst of a vast and dangerous structure, completely hidden from his people's knowledge. Unable to go back, he must keep going to find out where he is being led... And why he left in the first place.


  • Dark foreboding atmosphere
  • Retro 90s PC graphics, with a modern flair.
  • Uncover mysterious lore as you travel into the depths.
  • Jump, climb, slide, and scan your way around difficult challenges, using simple mechanics.
  • No "Parkour Ledges". Climb almost any vertical wall face using your pickaxes!
  • It's a tough game, but not frustrating! Mistakes are not punished by redoing lengthy sections.
  • Play fast or slow. Take in the sights as you traverse, or play as fast as a speed runner.

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Demo 2.0 Out Now!!!


Hello ClimbersThe demo is now live!

Good Quality Gif LL

You can either download it from this page, or from here:

Some notes about the demo:

  • It is shorter than the previous demo to create more of a tease :)
  • It changes the way crystals function
  • There are lots of bug fixes and improvements to the mechanics
  • There is a settings menu. It has it's problems, but it will do for now
  • It has controller support
  • Better main menu
  • Same area as the first demo, but completely reconceptualized
  • This still doesn't represent the final product, but it's much closer to it!

Enjoy, and don't forget to leave a review !!!

Lorns Lure Demov2 Windows Scree

Known Issues:

  • If you are mixing input (M+K and Controller), the tutorial dialogue boxes will not be correct. You can look at the settings menu for the controls instead. I will fix this in the near future by adding a toggle for which control method you're using in the menu
Demo 2.0 Coming Soon!

Demo 2.0 Coming Soon!


After taking a lot of your feedback on the first Alpha demo, I have been hard at work on this new demo, coming early next year.

Records Broken. Secrets. And More

Records Broken. Secrets. And More


The Speedrunners have done it again. Teasing a new area. And progress updates!

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

News 1 comment

I've been working on a new trailer, and it shows off some varied environments you'll see in the game!

Boring Updates

Boring Updates


Have been in the dark due to hard work on boring things!

R.Bell - - 48 comments

Oh, I know this! This is that arthouse first person platformer featured on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021!

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_rubeki Creator
_rubeki - - 3 comments

That's the one! :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Noah_Lewin - - 102 comments

I love this. Beautiful work!

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