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Here's this week's weekly update. We're well on our way to releasing our optimization update later in the week. This will hopefully make it more playable on toasters.

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progress ::
+ Optimization begins
+ preliminary png to dds conversion workflow completed
- now I just need to reoutput all assets and convert from png to dds
- its about an 80% reduction in VRAM usage for a 300% increase in filesize, not ideal but a sizable improvement
+ adjusting the layers of images, made some of them optional to save space on some assets
+ numerous png and dds conversion issues, like color artifacts, the alpha layer disappearing (pictured below), and other bugs fixed or workarounds found
- still haven't pulled the trigger on reducing from 32 to 16 directions. need to see how the rest of optimization pans out before I make that call
- ideally, we'll use 16 directions only on smaller vehicles like sedans, small UGVs, and tuk-tuks
+ Version 0.031, which is a small optimization patch, will release some time this week. Filesize will increase considerably, but it will run much better.
+ Added a AH-1 Cobra and a patrol boat in preparations for testing new forms of unit movement (icons and renders below)
+ Version 0.03 released and is available here: Balancedbreakfast.itch.io
+ I do dev streams here regularly: Twitch.tv
+ Here is the current music playlist for anyone that wants a listen: Soundcloud.com

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