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This week's feature update. We've restored minimap functionality, added a new game mode and some other minor fixes and tweaks.

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bnb minimap restored

:: BnB ::

dev :: Commander Rad

tools :: Love2D, Maya, Spine, Photoshop,

web :: twitter.com/GamesBreakfast

progress ::

+ Minimap functions restored

+ Cliffs and other impassible terrain are now darkened in the minimap for easy visualization (pic)

+ Basic factions and attack functions restored

+ Swarm mode now has settings, where you can set unit spawn frequency, type and when they begin to spawn (gif)

- Turns the game into a tower defense game, but oh well

+ Auto-move to building for builders and supply for supply collectors fixed

- Due to the way we treat sea tiles, everything, including buildings, are amphibious. The sea is basically 3 feet deep.

- It's hilarious and I'm not going to fix it until after version 0.02

- Some pathing issues still need to be addressed

- This new game mode is more or less compensation for not being able to restore multiplayer by version 0.02.

+ Version 0.01 released and is available here: Balancedbreakfast.itch.io

+ Here is the current music playlist for anyone that wants a listen:

+ playlist: Soundcloud.com

Cheers, C. Rad

Follow us: Twitter.com
Download: Balancedbreakfast.itch.io
Stream: Twitch.tv
Support: Ko-fi.com

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