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Pics of the Bloodhound ship exterior, before and after its crash.

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After months of searching for a suitable ship model, the wait is finally over. Thanks again to the Unity Asset store - an invaluable resource for indie developers that allows a single designer with little art or coding skills to create a game of considerable magnitude - without which Bloodhound would be impossible.

Feast your eyes upon the Bloodhound starship, in all of its majestic glory. Capable of traveling at near light-speed, powered by antimatter reactors. Where once there were several such ships, now there is but one.

Bloodhound ship exteriorBloodhound ship exterior

Look at that mess. Hopefully some of that wreckage can be salvaged.


WNxKraid - - 225 comments

I hope you didn't pay a high price for the ship.
Doesn't look very good IMO.

Also traveling near lightspeed won't be possible with nuclear fusion.
regulary 10-12% of Lightspeed can be achived, 50% if using an exorbitant ammount of fuel.

You'd need an Antimatter/conversion drive.

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Creddie Author
Creddie - - 35 comments

Thanks for your input. The ship was inexpensive as this project has a very low budget. As for the science, thanks for opening my eyes, those specs will be adjusted.

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