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Cyclopses? Cyclopi? We still honestly have no idea. Read about the Cyclops enemy!

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Ah, so the holiday season is upon us again, or it could be the dead of summer. To be honest we have no idea how this whole time link between whatever year you guys are in and 1997 works. But we're pretty sure it is kind of holidayish on your end, so get into that generic holiday spirit by thinking of the less fortunate, namely, hideous mutants.

Look at the poor soul.

Cyclops (Wait, does anyone know the plural for this?) are large enemies that do not normally use guns of any sort. While this may shock you, note that all Cyclopses have ridiculously oversized hands, which make it very hard to hold such weaponry. Those hands are rather skilled at smashing anything that gets near them into a fine powder, however, and should be approached with caution.

Cyclopi can utilize their hands in two very extreme fashions. The first, and most powerful, is to simply punch you in various places that you’d prefer not to be punched in. They may, if they feel crafty, simply smash the ground, creating a heavy shock wave that knocks away everything and anything (except other Cycloptoids, sneaky bastards) away from them.

On a return to our more sobering tone, did you know that 60% of all known Cyclops suffer from crippling depression? That is as many as 7 cyclops, 8 if Greg gets into one of his moods. So this Holiday season, why not send a dollar to support those poor, unfortunate, freaks of nature. Now then, we could use this money to improve their quality of life or access to education, but instead we are just going to pile it into buying fancy ocular implants that allow them to shoot a laser beam from their eye. This not only gives them a basic ranged attack, but also boosts their self esteem! That should solve their depression issues, well, excluding Greg’s, because F**K Greg.

See? He is much happier, we think.

Now that you've read enough about those freaks of nature, we have figured out how to slip small notes through the time stream. In other words, you future people can now suggest weapons for BLOODCRUSHER II: GUNS GUNS GUNS. But where may you ask? Why our specialized forum system of course! Check out both of our weapon suggestion threads! One for Melee and one for EVERYTHING ELSE! So enjoy you deranged weirdos!

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Apparently "Cyclopes" - multiple sites indicate so.

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Hell_Diguner - - 3,645 comments

Might I suggest an easter egg?
Leela, from Futurama

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