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A Rogue-like-like First Person Shooter styled after the over-the-top 3d shooters from the mid-1990s.

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Protroid Wizomancer
Dec 15 2013 Anchor

Hello again! As you progress through BLOODCRUSHER II: HOW DO I AMMO, you will find a plethora of randomly generated weaponry. However, every now and again, should the random number gods smile upon your progress, enemies will spawn an exceedingly rare unique weapon, which will be your exceedingly rare unique weapon after you kill the poor sap holding it. Seeing as we cannot think of every single crazy weapon, we have decided to open up suggestions as your shot at fame and glory (a thank you in the game's credits). Please be sure to follow the format below (and stand/sit in awe at our first announced unique weapon);

Weapon Type: Say what kind of weapon this gun is, your choices are; Slugthrower (Scattergun and Magnum), Automatic (Machine Gun and Gatling Gun), Explosive (Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher), and Chemical (Sprayer and Beamer). It has to fit one of these categories!
General Appearance: Please be as in depth as possible if you can, reference images are also welcome!
Ammunition: Be creative here, it can be anything, from miniaturized trains to floppy disks!
Special Attributes: Does your gun give the player a speed boost? Can it be thrown down to create a turret? Anything special it can do goes here!


Pain Train
Weapon Type: Rocket Launcher
General Appearance: Appears as an elongated steam punk train car, open at the front for rockets and a series of large smokestacks at the back.
Ammunition: Trains! Trains are miniature coal locomotives that billow thick black smoke as they fly through the air. Although they fall to the ground much faster than regular rockets, trains plow into enemies when they are hit, pushing them backwards while dealing damage until both of them hit a wall.
Special Attributes: On secondary fire, a loud whistle plays and fire erupts from the smokestacks on the back of the gun. This fire damages any enemies who are unfortunate enough to be directly behind you, and propels you forward at amazing speed! This force is also strong enough to get the player into the air, should they look in the right direction!

Edited by: Protroid

Dec 15 2013 Anchor

I think this might be the best thread ever.


Weapon Type: Gatling Gun

General Appearance:
Not sure, maybe like a chicken coop/henhouse/barn with gatling barrels sticking out the front (the door)

Eggs (possibly explosive)

Special Attributes:
Eggs make silly splat sounds when they hit, and leave yellow yolk splotches where they hit. On secondary fire, you can spawn a chicken (rooster crow sound effect) who will run around clucking and distract your enemies or something.

Alternatively, eggs behave like sticky bombs which are detonated on secondary fire.

Edited by: Gn0meSlice

Dec 15 2013 Anchor

Equalizer Cannon
Weapon Type: Explosive
General Appearance: Imagine a big M60 machine gun with an overpowered speaker on the front, and a shield to protect the shooter from the shockwave
Ammunition: Decibel batteries, special units that contain compressed sound waves. Primary fire releases a massive forward sonic boom that causes enemy's heads to explode. Secondary fire releases an area effect shockwave that stuns the enemies around you
Special Attributes: Can set the gun down to create sound barrier that reflects projectiles

Reaper Gun
Weapon Type: Chemical
General Appearance: Looks like an old WW2 rifle with a scythe tied to the barrel with barbed wire
Ammunition: Red death flasks. Primary fire sprays red ectoplasmic fluid that drains life from enemies, can also be sprayed on the ground as a trap. Secondary fire can be sprayed on dead enemies to revive them as temporary allies
Special Attributes: Gives player a health boost when near death

Dec 16 2013 Anchor

Name unsure (Honeycomb of Horror?)

Weapon Type: Sprayer (I think?)

General Appearance: Something something beehive on a stick

Ammunition: Bees!

Special Attributes: Shoots a steady swarm of bees at an enemy. On secondary fire, place a turret (shaped like a beekeeper's hive if possible), which creates a swarm of bees in the surrounding area that attack any enemy who steps too close.

Dec 20 2013 Anchor


Weapon Type: Slugthrower
General Appearance: A jury rigged spear-gun. A simple metal tube with a handle and a cylinder of compressed air attached at the back, loaded with an oversized harpoon at the front.
Special Attributes: Deals damage, then pulls any enemy it hits directly to melee range.

Dec 20 2013 Anchor

Snark Thrower
Weapon Type: Grenade Launcher
General Appearance: Appears as a Big biological creature spouting profanity. Any weird alien caterpillar will do, as long as it has a big mouth.
Ammunition: Snark leeches! Snarks are small weird creatures with an amazingly profane vocabulary! If blowing people to pieces wasn't enough humiliation for you, you can now torment their very psyche with these creatures! By hitting someone with a snark, the creature latches onto the person, and starts insulting them, slowly reducing them helpless and stunned. The more snarks you hit, the faster the target is stunned (and weeping, and crouching, and reliving his worst days in highschool) once the target reaches a certain level of despair, he will commit suicide, allowing you easy access to his loot! Snarks are obviously useless against turrets and robots, whose superior stupidity/simplicity prevents them from being insulted.


Weapon Type: Gatling Gun

General Appearance: Looks rather like the already presented Gatling Knife thrower, except the Jacketed Barrel is replaced by a gigantic soda can with 9 openings. the whole thing looks like it's been commercialized by CRITCRUSHERCOLA

Ammunition: Soda cans of course. The Caffeinnator's bullets do remarkably less damage then your normal gun, even though the Gun is very accurate for a Gatling gun. sounds worthless? It's not.

Special Attributes: Holding the secondary fire key will result in your character shaking the Caffeinnator while running, allowing you to move quickly while simultaneously filling up a boost bar. when you deploy the Caffeinnator to fire after filling up the bar, you will get a sugar rush which amplifies the damage done by the weapon exponentially! apart from this, any enemy killed while in a sugar rush will replenish your health! Just remember that the ultimate victim of this gun is you, and the ultimate weapon diabetes type 2.

Sanguine Sprayer

Weapon Type: Chemical Sprayer

General Appearance: Satan's chemical sprayer. The garden hose from hell. anything Satan would use to kill weeds.

Ammunition: Blood. The Sanguine sprayer, as it's name implies, shoots blood. To be precise, the sprayer shoots blood that flowed trough satanic rituals. What does this do? well it does damage. However, since enemies bleed, killing a organic enemy with this gun replenishes it's ammunition!

Edited by: GearsGoAwryMan

Dec 20 2013 Anchor


Weapon Type:

General Appearance
A block of jittery, inside-out model and glitchy texture.

A stream of corrupted code. Enemies struck with this code will quickly become degenerate into spazing,twisted glitches as their files in the game are corrupted, and eventually are deleted by the game to prevent a total crash. The computer virus spreads to other enemies/objects/the player if any are foolish enough to touch them before this happe%#6hj-n<

Special Attributes:
Secondary fire causes all enemies in an area around the player to lag; snapping back to the same place multiple times, running in place, not being able to target the player, etc.

Edited by: TLhikan

Dec 21 2013 Anchor

Weapon Type: Beamer.
General Appearance: I dunno.
Ammunition: Fires a stream of mutagenic chemicals.
Special Attributes: When this gun is fired at enemies, they are quickly transformed into a random, harmless animal (usually a chicken or some other small animal). In this state, they are incapable of harming anything and easily killed. This effect is temporary, and eventually the animal will transform back into an enemy, with all of the weapons they had on them. Unless you killed them, of course. Secondary fire causes the gun to temporarily transform the player into a random, harmless animal. In this state, enemies will ignore you, as you are obviously just a harmless little animal, and not at all a threat. However, all the same restrictions that would apply to enemies apply to the player (fairly slow moving, unable to make any attacks aside from nondamaging melee attacks, cute and cuddly).

Note: Very, very rarely, the gun will not transform an enemy into a harmless animal, but rather into a large, exceedingly dangerous, extremely aggressive monster that wants to eat your intestines. It is advised to have another weapon handy in case this happens.

Weapon Type: Grenade Launcher
General Appearance: An ostentatious looking, gold plated grenade launcher. Make it look fancy as possible. Should have the words "You're Fired" somewhere on it.
Ammunition: Severance pay. A sack full of stuffed full of coins, and dynamite. Explodes after several seconds, or upon player command. Upon detonation, scatters lots of coins at high velocity in all directions! These coins can be quite deadly if they hit enemies. Basically, a nailbomb that attracts enemies towards it.
Special Attributes: Human enemies will temporarily forget about whatever they were previously trying to do (i.e. kill you), in favour of running towards the sack. Secondary fire immediately detonates all sacks that were previously fired from the gun.

Edited by: Arcus2611

Dec 22 2013 Anchor

Punching Periscope

Weapon Type:

General Appearance
a old captain's spyglass.


Special Attributes:
this weapon can only fire when zoomed. primary fire while zoomed makes the player character put away the spyglass, and draw back in a classic punching pose. after a few milliseconds of epic charging and flexing, the player bursts forward to the exact spot the crosshair was pointing in in a Falcon/Walrus/Bloodcrusher Punch! This punch is highly accurate, but you obviously need to aim for the enemy's movements in advance. The punch is highly damaging, and can be used to get to elevated positions, or to punch that jerk of a sniper mook standing on the other side of the room. It's also a great initiator for a brawl!


Weapon Type:

General Appearance
a cube that is thrown by the player.

the Mascot Mook Maker cube. You'll get only one, but you can pick it up again if you miss someone.

Special Attributes:
if the cube finally hits a mook, it will capture that mook and return to your hand. once you throw the cube again, it will summon that mook to fight for you. The cube can be used to recall the mook again, but goes on a cooldown related to the missing health of the mook every time you recall him, or every time the mook is slain. The mook keeps track of his kills, and grows slightly stronger when he passes certain killscores.

Edited by: GearsGoAwryMan

Dec 28 2013 Anchor

Laser Cyclops Head
Weapon Type: Beamer

General Appearance- The head of one of the Laser equipped cyclopses. Occasional twitch from the head

Ammunition- Batteries jammed into the neck hole/None, the charge you get is all you have

Special Attributes- None

Jan 13 2014 Anchor

Triassic Tosser

Weapon Type:
Grenade launcher

General Appearance
Miniature stonepunk catapult.

Dinosaur eggs.

Special Attributes:
Dinosaur eggs burst into miniature Tyrannosaurs, who run around chomping on enemies.

Jan 14 2014 Anchor

Special Enemy Turret Type!

Squid Storm

(parody of metal storm Youtube.com)

Weapon Type: Turret (Rare Boss/Miniboss?)

General Appearance: Chaingun with tentacles hanging out of the barrels and dripping ink

Ammunition: Squids/Octopi.

Special Attributes: When the Squids/Octopi hit the ground around you they burst into a cloud of ink which does a small amount of damage over time and blocks vision, when they hit you they attach to your face, blocking vision and chowing down on your nose.
Will drop off after a time , and can also be gotten rid of by jumping up and down and shaking your view violently, making you look like a complete fool and embarrassing you in front of your friends and family.

Jan 27 2014 Anchor

Soap Shocker
Weapon Type: Sprayer
General Appearance: An over sized children's bubble blower shaped like a flamethrower (instead of a tank of fuel, the wielder wears a canister of bubble soap on his/her/it's back)
Ammunition: Bubbles! Filled with electricity! Bubbles float around the battlefield for a few second after you shoot them, and enemies (or the player) who run into them will pop them, filling them with joy. And electricity.
Special Attributes: Holding secondary fire will blow up a really big bubble, releasing fires it. If you hold secondary fire too long though, the bubble will pop and damage the player.
(Credit to one of my friends for coming up with this idea).

Feb 2 2014 Anchor


Weapon Type:

General Appearance
It's a V-Guitar, Screaming with the blood of your forsaken enemies.

The Guitar has no need for mere mortal ammunition, but gets filled with Awesome Screaming Power every time you kill an enemy trough any means.

Special Attributes:
When using the guitar, you drain your Awesome Screaming Power to blast pure metal in front of you, melting your foe's face. Use your secondary ability to play an epic riff while invoking the gods of metal to smite thunder upon all foes nearby.

Leetzing gh3tt0 blaster

Edit: I just realized there's already a suggestion for a sound-makes-heads-explode weapon. Feel free to ignore this suggestion if you feel like it.

Weapon Type: grenade launcher

General Appearance
: It's a Ghettoblaster plastered with teen boy-band posters.

A vehicle for all that's bad in pop music, this deranged party prop comes with CD's, which can be refilled trough any grenade ammunition. After all, some music IS violently volatile.

Special Attributes:
When using the Radio, you put on a CD and earmuffs and start blasting awful music at your enemies, doing damage to all around you. If you do enough damage to enemies, their heads will explode. Though the weapon does it's damage slowly in pulses around you, and requires you to be in the general area of your enemy, it is very ammo-conservative and allows someone to go a long way with little ammo, as each ammo-point means another 6/5 seconds of music.

Edited by: GearsGoAwryMan

Mar 21 2014 Anchor

anchor bazooka
Weapon Type: Rocket Launcher
General Appearance: it is a bazooka with one of those old boat anchors sticking out at the end.
Ammunition: boat anchors that hit enemies with blunt force, theyre heavy so it takes time to reload.
Special Attributes: headtrauma, makes enemies wander and shoot aimlesly for some seconds.

Mar 31 2014 Anchor

The Second Amendment
Weapon Type: Magnum
General Appearance: Oversized Colt revolver with gold trim and the American flag painted along the barrel.
Ammunition: Flaming red, white and blue Bald Eagles fly straight ahead and explode in a burst of FREEDOM! Any Communist, Nazi, Communazi, Nazicommie, or Canadian struck by one receives a lethal does of PATRIOTISM!
Special Attributes: Secondary fire shoots the revolver into the air, releasing a spray of red, white, and blue fireworks that causes all nearby enemies to stop and stare as they are overcome by love for America.

Apr 18 2014 Anchor

Little Kid's Water Pistol
Weapon Type: Sprayer
General Appearance: A dinky little kid's water pistol. Completely harmless. Brightly coloured.
Ammunition: Sprays a highly caustic and corrosive chemical at enemies. The range is crappy because you're using a water pistol, but it does a good amount of damage. Your enemies will also smell terrible, because the chemical smells terrible.
Special Attributes: The chemical sprayed is highly flammable. It won't go off without a spark, but bullets and explosions provide such things aplenty.

Secondary fire turns the water pistol into a large high pressure water blaster via magic/science, temporarily increasing range substantially. This mode only lasts for a few seconds though, and has quite a long cooldown.

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