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A Rogue-like-like First Person Shooter styled after the over-the-top 3d shooters from the mid-1990s.

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Protroid Wizomancer
Dec 27 2013 Anchor

You may be aware of Bloodcrusher II's large assortment of guns, large enough to fill a three cubic acre bin of some sort. Something that we haven't talked a lot about however is the melee weapons that you will run with in Bloodcrusher II.

Just a quick run down so you guys aren't confused. At the beginning of the game, you pick a melee weapon. Think of it kinda like the masks from Hotline Miami. Each weapon can change the way that you play. That being said, melee weapons are intended to be numerous, and unlockable. Bosses will drop them, you will likely get one for dying as a consolation prize. The possibilities are endless.

Now that that Is out of the way; WE NEED SWEET MELEE WEAPONS FOR PLAYERS TO USE TO BASH FACES IN. Like the weapons suggestions thread, try to keep all suggestions within this format;

This is what the melee weapon looks like.
Primary Fire: This is what happens when the player clicks mouse1. This is usually hitting people.
Secondary Fire: This is what happens when the player clicks mouse2. This can also be hitting people, but it may also be fancy.


Appearance: Its a piledriver. Google it. No not the wrestling one.
Primary Fire: Hit the facial/pelvic regions on enemies depending on player preference.
Secondary Fire: Boosted jump! This functions almost entirely like a rocket jump, and you don't even take damage for doing one! Wheeeee!


Contraption Studios

Was I supposed to write something here?

Dec 28 2013 Anchor

Fluffy Wambler

Appearance: It's a bunny.
Primary Fire: Hit the facial/pelvic regions on enemies with a bunny! The bunny does a trivial amount of damage, but every so often, you score a critical hit and instantly decimate whatever was in front of your cuddly weapon.

Secondary Fire: Throws the bunny, doing the same as a melee attack, but at a slight range.

Edited by: GearsGoAwryMan

Dec 28 2013 Anchor

Human Chipmulchifier
Appearance- Flaming Chainsaw Syringes (Optional) attached to another Chainsaw. That's on fire.
Primary Fire- Inject FLAMING MINI CHAINSAWS into the enemy, causing severe dismemberment from the inside out and immolation
Secondary- Witty chainsaw related quote.

Dragon Katana
Appearance- Laser Katana with a Chinese dragon that moves up and down the blade in 2 dimensions.
Primary Fire- Swing the blade, leaves a slight trail.
Secondary- Charge up the blade and unleash an ancient dragon to brutally execute an enemy and give you a small portion of their health

Uncle Em's Pitchfork
Primary- Stab that temporarily stuns the enemy
Secondary- Twister Spin attack that obscures view somewhat, but grants increased speed while spinning and doing damage within range

R3ven Bard of Wordiness
Dec 28 2013 Anchor

VladimirStalin wrote: Dragon Katana
Appearance- Laser Katana with a Chinese dragon that moves up and down the blade in 2 dimensions.
Primary Fire- Swing the blade, leaves a slight trail.
Secondary- Charge up the blade and unleash an ancient dragon to brutally execute an enemy and give you a small portion of their health

I don't know about the secondary, but as programmer of the game, I declare Laser Katanas canon.

Jan 2 2014 Anchor

Appearance: A beehive, attached to the end of a rather long pole.
Primary Fire: You hit a target with the weapon. This itself doesn't do much damage, but it agitates the bees inside, which will proceed to swarm out and sting the target.
Secondary Fire: You shake the beehive violently, causing the bees to swarm out and attack everything (excluding the player) in a radius centred around the player.

Appearance: A guitar.
Primary Fire: You hit the target with the guitar, dealing substantial amounts of damage.
Secondary Fire:
Skips to the next song on the sound track.


Appearance: An oversized chicken drumstick.
Primary Fire: You hit the target, causing them to be hurt quite badly.
Secondary Fire: You taunt the enemy with the drumstick. Attracted by the wafting aroma of chicken, they will proceed to charge you in hopes of getting the chicken.
Alternative Secondary: You eat a bit of the chicken, restoring a small amount of health.


Appearance: A section of metal piping.
Primary Fire: You smash your foe in the face or pelvic region with the pipe.
Secondary Fire: You throw the pipe at an enemy, impaling them for massive damage. This is followed by an appropriate one liner. You can then retrieve the pipe from the body, of course.

Edited by: Arcus2611

Jan 2 2014 Anchor

The Stoplight
A stoplight on a pole
Primary Fire: Hitting people.
Secondary Fire: Cycles between the the colors of the stoplight, which has various effects on the player (Green: Speeds up the player's movement, Yellow: Slows down projectiles being fired at the player in a radius around them, Red: Stuns enemies on hit.)

Chainsaw with burning teeth and extra fuel tanks with flammable icons printed on them.
Primary Fire: Burn-sawing people.
Secondary Fire: Holding secondary fire will cause the player to rev the chainsaw even faster, spraying fire droplets of fuel everywhere; this ignites enemies, but has the chance to ignite the player as well.

Edited by: TLhikan

Mar 25 2014 Anchor

The Crusher
It's like a meat mallet and a sledgehammer had a baby. A BABY THAT CRUSHES PEOPLE. The head is either (when full) COVERED WITH GORE, (when empty) A RUSTY MESS, or (ranging in between) RANGING IN BETWEEN.
Primary Fire: Activate the CRUSHER. Powerful and fast, but as you swing it around it drains the BLOOD POWER METER, which makes it slow down and become weaker. Once it's out of blood, you're a loser.
Secondary Fire: Pounds the ground, CRUSHING THE BLOOD and LUBRICATING THE HEAD WITH BLOOD POWER, which refills the BLOOD POWER METER. Obviously, only works if you've actually killed things in the area. The more, the better.
Special: It's back! As the defining item of the original Bloodcrusher, wielding The Crusher gives you the power of the original Throgpunch, Master Barbarian of the Dread Burnfreeze Arena. Taunt with the Special key to make your character unleash the mighty wyvroar.wav of the original Burnfreeze Autohydra!

Apr 13 2014 Anchor

Acetypain torch
weaponised blowtorch
Primary Fire: If it's good enough to burn holes trough metal, it's surely good enough to burn holes trough people. The first point does make it more effective against mechanical units than ordinary weapons though...
Secondary Fire: holding down the second mouse button will hold back the fire, allowing pressure and fuel to build up inside the system of the blowtorch, so that releasing it will produce a long yet of flame. Holding down longer will charge it up more, producing a longer and longer lasting flame

Apr 28 2014 Anchor


Appearance: Looks like the Quake axe, but even blockier.

Primary Fire: Swing it to and fro'
Secondary Fire: Swing it to and fro' as well, except horizontally instead of vertically. Functionally the same.

Special: If you smack a hard surface (wall, floor), its resounding KATHUNK will deal some damage to nearby enemies and the quake (see what I did there?) will push them a small distance away. Good for "professional" runs. Also secret walls bleed when hit with the Quaxe for some reason.

Appearance: A rocker's severed head held by its very long ponytail.

Primary: I whip my head back and forth. Doesn't do much damage, but makes an exaggerated wet splat noise when it hits something.
Secondary: Squeeze the head, causing blood to shoot from the neck onto the floor. Any enemies stepping on the freshly-spilled viscera (will need some sort of particle effect or somethng to show it's "active") will slip up and slow their roll. Enemies with ranged attacks will be less accurate from not being able to steady themselves.

Appearance: A set of defibrillator paddles painted a rusty color with bloodied spikes on the business end and a few exposed wires around the grip. Worn like knuckle dusters.

Primary: CLEAR! Small knockback on successful hit.
Secondary: Use on an enemy's corpse that is still intact (AKA, not dismembered) to bring them back to life with a small portion of their health so you can kill them again! Grants a small health pickup when made redead. Requires a recharge time between uses to avoid potential game breakingness.

May 27 2014 Anchor

Macabre Macuahuitl

Apearance: an Aztec Macuahuitl, which is a wooden stick with prismatic obsidian blades embedded in the sides.

Primary fire: swings the weapon around, nothing fancy there. as the thing is quite sharp, you could occasionally decapitate horses, cyclops or anything really.

Secondary fire: As long as someone is standing in front of you, you can rip the heart out of chest of your breathing opponent and sacrifice it to the gods on the spot, proving your warrior credentials and drenching you in blood. as long as you're bloodied, you get bonus speed and damage, and any kill you make will cover you with blood again.

Edited by: GearsGoAwryMan

Jun 19 2014 Anchor

"Buckl-'er-upper" or "BLOCKCRUSHER"
Appearance: Looks like a regular buckler, i.e. a small shield strapped to your forearm, probably sporting a mean spike in its centre, and a fear-inducing logo painted in BLOOD.
Primary Fire: Bashes the buckler at the enemy, at a very short range for average or average-to-low damage.
Secondary Fire: Blocks and/or reflects enemy attacks back at themselves, as long as you're facing the direction of the attack. Might possibly require correct timing, rather than simply holding the block continuously.

"The Boot" or "Boot of the Duchess"
Appearance: No melee weapon in hand, but Crushgal is now wearing combat boots.
Primary Fire: Will give the enemy a kick, Duke-style, for low to average damage. Possibly has knockback.
Secondary Fire: No secondary fire, but the melee weapon can be used even while holding another weapon, and can be used with a different keybind. If a secondary fire is required, then it has a lower-damage knockback, and primary fire doesn't.

"Hallusyringe", "Hypocination" or "Hacidunation"
Appearance: Looks like a syringe, filled with a strange, green liquid.
Primary Fire: Stabs with the syringe, for low damage at very short range.
Secondary Fire: Injects the liquid into your enemy, making them hallucinate and attack whoever is currently nearest, be it friend or foe. Alternatively, primary fire has this function, and secondary fire instead temporarily boosts your health, slowly draining away again, while your vision is distorted.

"The Cattle Prodigy", "The Bastun", "Electric Boogaloo" or "Stick 2: Electric Boogaloo"
Appearance: Looks like a cattle prod or a stun stick/baton.
Primary Fire: Hits the enemy with the stick, for average damage at average reach.
Secondary Fire: Hits an enemy with a jolt of electricity, temporarily stuns the targeted enemy.

"The Sledger", "Hammer Tyme" or "The Mauler"
Appearance: A big old sledgehammer.
Primary Fire: Pounds the enemy for good damage. Attack is rather slow.
Secondary Fire: Winds up the hammer while alt-fire is held, and attacks upon release for huge damage. Will gib on kill.

"Rekt'ing Ball", "The Montana" or "The Miley"
Appearance: A big wrecking ball in a chain.
Primary Fire: Pounds the enemy for good damage. Attack is rather slow.
Secondary Fire: Crushgal spins in place, hitting all nearby enemies in a circle around her for average damage. May or may not be unable to move for the duration of the attack.

Edited by: Skafsgaard

Jun 19 2014 Anchor

Apearance: a nice bandana around your head.
Primary fire: why all these tools when you have armored fists? Punch stuff!
Secondary fire: HADOUKEN!

Jul 16 2014 Anchor

A big ol' bottle of Captain Crushhook's best rum.
Primary: Whacks you foes with the bottle. This will shatter it, covering them with oh-so-flammable rum. Each hit will degrade the bottle further until you have to throw away the chunk of glass in you hand and grab another one.
Secondary: If you're currently holding a full bottle, why waste the good stuff on those communazis? Draining the bottle means that you won't douse your enemies until you smash up the the current bottle, but you'll fire/swing more rapidly (if erratically) and take less damage for a short amount of time.

Sep 2 2014 Anchor

Rapier Drill
Appearance: A hand-held power drill with a long drillbit and a jury-rigged hand-guard.
Primary: Slash an opponent with quick thrusts of the spinning drillbit. Low damage, but very painful, and very quick.
All the painful little holes will make your enemy go into a brief panic, erratically assaulting you in a frantic and inaccurate attempt to make the attacks stop.
And your attacks-per-second will make up for the drillbit's weakness.
Secondary: Assasinate: hold secondary to target a vital area on a nearby targeted enemy, stab, and break off your drillbit in the injury, ending their short, brutish life with extreme prejudice; press either attack to replace the drillbit.

Edited by: Edge-2000

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