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Some old bugs were ironed out and systems are improved. Let's see what we were up to this week.

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Hi guys, here is what it was done since the last update.
We are seriously looking for feedback regarding on how the GUI looks. We are aiming for a clear, crisp look but just enough so it doesn't break the immersion.

- we added the mana system into the game. You can see it in the bottom left of the GUI. The role of mana will be to fuel all your actions that require you to interact with ethereal objects and beings.
- another feature is the lean over feature. Now you can look around corners by pressing Q and E (left / right) so you can locate your enemies without getting spotted.
- new enemy: the Spirit Statue. As the name would suggest, is just a stone statue, it can't move but it will shoot fireballs in your direction. You will encounter it mostly along chocking points, long corridors. It is hard to dodge the projectiles, but it's possible. We recommend taking best usage of the Svallin Shield.
- meet the mirrors in the game. As far as occult rituals go, mirrors are the primary tool in the process of scrying. You will use scrying in order to access remote areas where untold perils, puzzles and items may await you.
- healing system is in. It will be tied to the mana system. There are statues in the level, well you can use the scrying focus in order to heal yourself. This will drain mana though. About 12 mana per charge.
- worked a bit more on the Egyptian Trap. I'm getting tired of writing that I have a problem with the system, not to add how tired I am actually working on it. I added a system based on rigidbodies for the AI now, which makes the trap behave as expected. Maybe I will tweak this a bit more, but now I am satisfied.
- more work went into the GUI.

Please let us know about your opinion regarding the GUI and not only this.
Thanks for tuning in guys and see you next time!

SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Looks excellent! Very good, informative update.

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Borzi - - 196 comments

Wow this looks excellent!

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