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Version 0.1.0 Beta... Bionic, a free multiplayer FPS, is now in Beta! Introduces Custom Content, Crossbow weapon, Infection gamemode, and much more, check the article.

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Enough core features have been pulled together to move Bionic forward into the Beta stage! This release will give more choice to the players than ever before, with Custom Content browsing/submitting, textured custom maps, additional custom game settings, a new weapon, and more!

Play on GameJolt or Itch.io

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0.1.0 Beta - Windows

Bionic 0.1.0 Beta - Windows

0.1.0 Beta - Mac

Bionic 0.1.0 Beta - Mac

0.1.0 Beta - Linux

Bionic 0.1.0 Beta - Linux

Custom Map Browser

An important new menu separates the Alpha versions with the new Beta; the "Custom Content" browser. Currently, the menu has two tabs: the custom map browser, and map uploader. The brand new custom map browser will connect to the internet and list maps submitted and approved for play. As with custom maps before, each map will be directly downloaded from the web, with no additional size added to the game.
The browser's purpose is centered around the community. Anyone can submit a map (though this might change) in the Upload tab to be potentially chosen for the map browser! There is so much potential and more to come from this browsing and uploading system.
EDIT: The guide for custom maps is complete!


submit   01

MTL Support on Custom Maps

Something that's been obviously missing from custom maps is textures. Now with this Beta update, there's now a (rough) but effective way to texture your maps! The system currently works by modifying the mtl file to reference Bionic's textures, then uploading the mtl file and linking it in the obj so Bionic can download the mtl and read it. Also, this barely hinders the speed of loading maps.
This mtl support was recently added, so a tutorial will soon be added and eventually all featured maps in the browser will be textured.



Above is a textured custom map, desert_outpost.

New Weapon: Crossbow

After the addition of the Launcher comes the next projectile weapon, the Crossbow. Crossbow bolts will launch with moderate power and stick into walls (and obliterate your foes). This weapon puts out immense damage with each successful hit, potentially one-hitting a close range target. The bolts will deal less damage the more time they spend in the air, and damage will be reduced when hitting the lower half of a player. Lead your shots!


Infection Gamemode and More Custom Settings

On top of these new features, there's been another base gamemode added. One of the favorites of the genre, Infection pits the surviving Blue team against the infected Green team.
Paired with the various new custom settings added in this update, one can easily tweak the options to allow for a Machete-Zombie apocalypse or even a Juggernaut gamemode... the tools are in your hands.


Other Changes

Change notes:
- Added custom maps broswer, "Custom Content" menu
- Added custom map MTL support (textures)
- Added Crossbow weapon with projectile shots
- Added Infection gamemode, survive the infected
- Added nine additional custom options
- Added damage indicators
- Added victory/defeat round over messages
- Reduced lag from bots and effects
- Reduced lag with new lowpoly models
- Optimized large textures
- Reduced mouse lag
- Made many bug fixes


I hope you enjoy the beta, be sure to support this project with shares and possibly donations!
Thank you for reading and see you next time!

Play on GameJolt or Itch.io
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