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In this article we will show you guys an early prototype of our game. We are going to provide you with some GIFs and screenshots, of the first few testings, of mechanics and view for an isometric 2D game!

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Hello there! Today we are bringing you the general idea for the game's mechanics and we will also show you some images that inspired us and the start of the development with Unity.

Main Mechanic

Besides the basic player controller that allows the player to move around the level, our main mechanic will consist of a slingshot that will be used throughout many aspects of the gameplay.

Back when our parents were young, mainly our fathers, they used to play with slingshots and used small rocks as ammunition to try and shoot small birds. Not the best kind of hobby to have as a child but, in our game the slingshot can be used in multiple ways from puzzle solving to finding collectibles that are out of reach for example!

For a 2D Game it is essentially very similar to a bow and arrow. The player can charge the shot and the stronger the charge the further the projectile can travel.

Here are two references to help you visualize this idea:

Early Prototype Development

With the general ideas in place and gears set into motion, we started to experiment and learn how to build a level with collisions and correct sprite order for a 2D Isometric style view. Utilizing assets from Unity we built a small grid with an elevated platform and a tree to test and showcase these aspects.


And with the basics out of the way it was time to code and find a first, but optimal, way of implementing our slingshot mechanic with a charge that affects the speed of the projectile once released. This will obviously be subject to be changed throughout the development but it will allow us to construct other game mechanics around the slingshot as we progress along our schedule.




And that concludes our third article regarding the game's mechanics! Stay tuned as we will post more updates regarding other aspects of the development soon.

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