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In this video update, we'll take a look at the miniature black holes in BHB, and see how they affect gameplay.

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This week, we'll take a look at Micro-Singularities, AKA mini black holes. They're a fun little feature I think really showcase the physics in BHB. Basically they're objects that pull you into orbit, and they will be scattered throughout the levels in BHB. They don't hurt you or anything, but you'll sometimes have to use them to get past obstacles. The neat thing is they affect objects other than the player too, which means grenades and enemies can be affected by them.

In playtesting BHB, I've found that the black holes do a great job of adding chaos to the gameplay, particularly when used in combination with the gravity surfaces seen last video. If there's one thing I've found kills the enjoyment of a game, it's when the gameplay starts feeling stale and same-ish. Well a good way to eliminate that is to introduce a bit of chaos. Make unpredictable things happen, keep it feeling fresh, and features like the black holes go a long way towards accomplishing that.

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