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We are ready for the final round of Worbital beta. This week, we are testing ranked Chaos matches and Custom matches.

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wrb Beta2 Final Weekend

We are ready for the final round of Worbital beta 2. This week, we are testing Chaos matches and Custom matches. Apart from that, we are bringing fixes for some weapon graphics and UI. You can see the full list of changes in the changelog below.

Worbital Beta 2-12, 0.99.3909_Beta2-12 - October 26th, 2018

  • Features
    • Custom Games Enabled
  • Fixes
    • Added missing Dreadnought audio
    • Various fixes to Dreadnought missile targeting lines
    • Removed the ability to remove structure ruins by using sell mode
    • Fixed gameplay music not resetting correctly if exiting by pausemenu
    • Fixed Dreadnought shields not showing
  • Adjustments
    • Visual tweaks to Sun Explosion
    • Visual tweaks to explosions
    • Attack Ship UI tweaks
    • Attack Ship and Dreadnought now auto-eject when fuel is depleted
    • Cataclysm volcano's lava now has new graphics.
    • Emotes can now be sent after the match is over
    • Upgrade, Repair and Sell tools can now be disabled by right clicking
    • Added slight lifetime variation to Dreadnought projectiles and Defense Orbs
    • Added critical core hit and loop audio
  • Balance
    • Cataclysm's volcano now expels an initial volley at great velocity.
    • Cataclysm's volcano now shoots more lava per volley.
    • Cataclysm's volcano now shoots significantly more often.
    • Cataclysm's volcano now shoots its lava in a more chaotic fashion.
    • Dreadnought missiles now target an area around the target planet's core with more spread
    • Introduced a little bit of spread to Dreadnought machine gun
    • Made it easier for a lot of early game weapons to hit buildings
    • Made Singularity not have a ready charge after building
    • Removed Homing Missile planet pushback
    • Slightly decreased Dreadnought machine gun soil and core damage
    • Decreased Seismic Blast build cost
    • Decreased smaller uninhabited planet mass
    • Increased Homing Missile cooldown
    • Increased Cataclysm cooldown
    • Increased Singularity cooldown
    • Increased Nuclear Plant charge boost
    • Increased the damage tier 1 and 2 weapons deal to Dreadnought shield
    • Increased Colonizer terraforming speed
    • Increased Seismic Blast damage

After the beta closes on Wednesday, don’t rush off the server. We will have some juicy announcements for you next week, so stay tuned.

The launch is not so far ahead now, so let’s have this last weekend of beta-testing fun. One for the road. Happy Blasting!

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