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Progress with AI, transitions and a few new monsters.

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These last 2 weeks have been very busy, I had to fix several bugs after adding bigger creatures (4 tiles) but I also made some important progress:

Basic AI:

Like I mentioned in a previous article, the monsters in this game are "brainless", that is they don't have an internal decision logic, they only follow commands. For testing I made the player control all the creatures in the grid even the enemy monsters but now I made a basic AI that can give simple commands to its creatures.

At the moment the AI can only order a monster to attack a player's unit in range or order it to defend but I plan to add a lot more functions to it like moving melee units closer, keep ranged units at a safe distance, use spells, item and support actions.

In this video you can see the AI units (on the right side of the arena) executing basic commands:

Better Transitions:

This is not yet finished but after listening to feedback I'm trying to make more flashy and random transitions between exploration and combat. In this video you can see a simple example of my current work, I hope to improve it more in the days to come:

New Monsters:

Of course I keep adding monsters to the game. Check a few ones (I still have to give them definitve names and add more special moves though):

Unnamed Pink Gorilla

Pink Gorilla (because why not?)

Possessed Armor

Posssessed Armor

Forest Guardian

Forest Guardian

Like I said I fixed several bugs during these days but sadly you can't make a nice gif or video of bug fixing (they are not good promoting material). I also made minor things like creating more unit portraits and polishing the UI a bit. At the moment the units attack each other but they don't make actual damage, I intend to fix that for the next report and add actual winning conditions for the combat.

I hope you found my progress interesting and I'll see you at the next report.


Jorge "Autarca" Pacheco


Very cool animations!!!

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wow, looks cool!

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