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Post news RSS Battle for Dune: War of Assassins - New Harkonnen Weapon Renders

In this update we will be showcasing our new designs for the Harkonnen Mauler Automatic Pistol, Shotgun and Slaughterer MK.5 Sub-Machine gun. We will be discussing how each weapon is effective in combat depending on their range

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Hello everyone its been a while, but its time for some Dune game news!

New Weapon Renders for the Harkonnen

TeamWolf and the BFD team have been working on updating the models and textures for the Harkonnen weapons. They have been working on the Pistol, the Shotgun, and the Sub-machine gun. Without further ado lets see the new designs!



The Harkonnen Mauler Automatic Pistol, as the name implies is a semi-automatic Pistol that is lethal in close range. It is carried as a sidearm by all Harkonnen classes.



The Harkonnen Shoutgun, is a semi-automatic Shotgun that is carried by the Harkonnen Engineer. It is lethal in close combat against infantry and can inflict significant damage to a Building's Main Frame (weak point) located within Structures. However it is useless in long range.



The Harkonnen Slaughterer MK.5 is a Sub-machine gun that is carried by the Harkonnen Light Infantry. It has two firing modes, burst and automatic. In burst mode it is more effective in long range combat, while in automatic mode it is more effective in close range.

For the Baron!

That's it for the update, we hope you liked the new designs for the weapons. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to voice them!

As always follow us at the greatest and latest over on Facebook, catch us Tweeting @W3DHub on Twitter, catch up with everything else BFD over on IndieDB!

Also be sure to join our discord server at Discord!


For the Baron!

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Keep up the great work!

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