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After a couple years of hard work our game is finally in the alpha stage.

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After many dark months of testing, retesting, and testing again our multiplayer code is becoming bulletproof.

Our ballistics systems have been rewritten 2 or 3 times in the last year and I think I'm finally happy with the new logic; our bullets now behave very realistically in a variety of different environments.

Whats new? Too much to mention but here is a few things:

Alien Creatures,
Ability to Examine Objects,
3 New Hand Grenade Types: Rad (gamma radiation), Pd(plasma discharge), and Am(anti-matter).
New Gui Interfaces for each of the 4 classes,
Spectator Camera,
Many New Weapons.

My partner and I have spoken about my visiting Holland for the final release of this game ( I live in California). I think this is going to become a reality when we get closer to the final stages as we want our game to be successful.

We have not had much exposure and INDIE DB is pretty much the only site we release updates on so you guys reading this article means a lot to us. We are gearing up to release a beta version of the game with at least 1 playable mission in it that we can distribute for free to get feedback from the community.

We will see you around as we trudge the road to happy destiny :)

Espen and Jason, BackSpace Dev Team

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